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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KleenUpGuy, Jan 15, 2011.

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  1. Does anyone know a running shop in the east midlands area (hopefully notts) that can do the whole tread mill business for some trainers insoles made? I find I knacker everything as I walk on the outside of my feet slightly.
  2. i think Running Fox in L'boro do that kind of thing but I couldn't swear to it, my boss and her hubby run marathons and they get all their technical shit there.
  3. What sort of price will a pair of shoes be? Just so I know how much cash to take.
  4. for a decent pair, you can spend anything from £50 - £140 depends on what you want don't for get about the sales etc.

  5. Sales?
  6. Go to said shop, get them to recommend a shoe, make your excuses and leave. Soon as you get home order the previous years model from wiggle/start fitness etc etc from t'internet, and save yourself a fortune.
  7. Will the shoes still be correct to my running style? Will I not need certain insoles?
  8. If you get them properly fitted then probably not. A good shop will have you walk up and down or on a treadmill and see whether you pronate (roll your feet). It's natural for this to happen to a degree. They will then get you to try several pairs of shoes and watch you walking again. Most shoe companies do a range of shoes with harder areas on the soles, to make it more difficult for your feet to pronate. You can buy insoles, but they are more about fit than actual support. I've got some Sorbothane insoles in mine, the "Full Strike" ones are just cushioning, and the "Half Strike" are to stop pronation again. I got mine from Start Fitness in Newcastle, great company. Out of your way, but like someone said you can order online. Wiggle are good, they're a few miles from my home and they've always offered good deals.
  9. They should be mate. Once the nice people at the running shop pick a pair or type that works for you (motion control/neutral etc) make a note on what they say or recommend.

    Then get yourself on t'internet and order the same model (but probably in the previous years model) from start fitness, wiggle or similar and save yourself a packet. Particularly if your a flat footed spakka like me and need a motion control shoe as they can get a bit pricey.

    A proper shoe for your gait should mean that you won't need any insoles. Unless you're a freak of nature with feet like a penguin.
  10. Could they do insoles for my boots swell?
  11. Possibly, but you'll probably need to get fitted for some orthotics if you're getting something for your boots mate.
  12. Orthotics? Thanks for all the help by the way :)
  13. No worries, a podiatrist can get you measured up for some orthotics. Basically they're insoles that are custom made to correct your gait if you need it. I had some made up a few years back when I started running half marathons but they can get a bit expensive.
  14. Got down to Up & Running today, great service even though only the manager was working the store I was very pleased with the service and would recommend to anyone.
    The advice about see what they say an then internet last years model was not needed as they had all years models and it would of meant I would not be able to try them on.

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