Running & Pull-ups

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by jim123321, Nov 28, 2010.

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  1. Hey! new on here.
    Basically got it in my head to join the Army specifically Royal Signals as a Communications Systems Operator.
    Always wanted to join but never thought there was something i really wanted to do tech wise but after reading up on this position am well up for it!
    Anyway went to a development course in Stafford last week so they can see where you are in terms of standards for the ADSC, i new running was gonna be an issue got 13m 34s which is much better than the PARRC run at 17 min < yeah i know!! but by Army standards still shit.
    But only been training 2 weeks.
    Can anyone give me a bit of advice on how to improve my endurance?
    Smoked for 6 years an stopped 6 months ago.
    Going running as much as possible and swimming allot more.
    Also pull-ups? How do i get better at these? Just keep trying?
    Any advice much appreciated!! :thumright:

  2. Join a running club.
    Do longer runs 3 x per week

    Do pull-ups 3 x week
    Pull-ups with a light dumb-bell held between your feet
    Do them properly(overhand grip, wide arm, all they way up & down)
    Chest press, shoulder press & flat flys may help, go to a gym & get a training programme.
  3. There's a Crossfit gym in Shrewsbury (Crossfit Shropshire I think it's called) and get cracking their workouts. It'll get you to a decent standard of fitness in quite a short period of time. It's the most honking phys, but it'll yield more results than just doing 3 sets of 10 reps of whatever exercise at your local globo gym.

    Check out for an insight into what it's all about. Also check out crossfit endurance which incorporates more running, swimming, rowing & biking etc.
  4. Pull ups...You need to just keep doing them. Get a door bar and every time you go under it crack what you can. you'll slowly get there

    I think ngatives are a cunning plan. ie start in the pull up complete position and slowly lower yourself under control.

    Keep doing press ups as well its all connected

    A good bit of machinery if you can find it is the weighted pull up machine in commercial GYMs, you knell on a weighted platform and are counterbalance to a degree, this makes pull ups slightly easier and you can get your technique correct (palms forward shoulder width apart) and you can do more reps....remembering to reduce the weight as you get better

    Try rumration there are numerous threads on the royal marines joining thread about other pull up enhancing techniques

    Pull ups, exercise of the gods, once you've got them squared awy you know you are doing well :)
  5. As above, completely on the nail.

    Be prepared to commit to a slow laborious process that doesn't give immediate results.

    You need to get up and out early and start getting the time in, by your own admission your a bin bag full of trifle but if it helps I know a lad who was positively obese who is now at SB sigs and who puts chad phots on-line to snare whores.

    Try something new as well, Muay Thai is a lot of fun and a decent beasting.
  6. Thanks very much everyone!
    Am feelin allot better about gettin in the Army with all this help to hand!
    Will keep everyone posted no doubt ill need more help!! ;)