Running older games on Windows 7

I can'r get W7 to run four older games, which are up to 10 years old.

Two of them sort of run:
When I press their start icons once, the task manager shows the exe and associated exe's are running, but nothing game related actually happens.
They will run if I press their start icons again...effectively "running" them twice. This does slow the system down but it doesn't matter because it can easily cope.

The third game: press the start icon once, and the same happens. When I press the icon for a second time, a dialogue box appears and declares that I don't have enough memory to run it.

The fourth game just won't install.

The discs are free from scratches and I'm using a fairly decent spec system: Windows 7, 64 bit, Duo core II 3.2ghz, 5 Ghz Ram, ATI with 1.2 ghz RAM.

I think I have a backwards compatability problem.

Any suggestions please?
Yes, plus depending on which version you have there's XP mode as well, which consists of it running a Windows XP in a virtual machine.

Alternatively, if your machine has some power, try virtualbox ( which will allow you to run virtual version of whatever old windows you want - I use it at home to let my son play some old games built for Windows 95.

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