running not working!

Ive been running round the same 3 mile circuit for the last month and a bit, 2/3 times a week..getting fairly acceptable times of 26 mins-29mins..
but recently im finding it harder physically..its not so much knackering my legs, more its busting my lungs. Diet is improving, eating the 5 fruitn veg a day and a high protien and calorie intake ( im fairly small build) which i am balancing with gym sessions 2/3 times a week..
so the question i put to you ladies and gentlemen.. what the hell is happening???! how can I improve?
Thanks for your help!
Try changing things round a bit. Falling into a "routine" is an easy way to hit a plateau and its sounds like you have. Try doing circuits, interval training, tabata's (Oh yes...), fartlek etc you will soon bust out of it.

I would never "Just run" these days, I would always do hill reps or fartlek these days, quality rather than quantity.
gym work is generally a full body work out. the wieghts Im using allow me to do 10-12 reps and 3 sets each. never in the gym for more than 60 minutes. Im also taking whey protein supplements ( nutrients dont come all that easy as a student!) to help me recover faster.

Im assuming intervals are something along the lines of 80% effort for 5 minutes then 60% for 10 minutes?

thanks for helpful and speedy replies!
Keep it simple and just sprint between lamposts, lets say sprint 1, walk 2, use hills.

I was given this advice here, and it has worked for me. DO NOT overtrain, it might not fcuk you up straight away, but it will catch up with you, as I found out.
How old are you? Whats your fitness history? Have you been fitter in the past and allowed it to lapse, or is it something new to you?

theres the science. I did some intervals yesterday and felt like shit between each 30 sec sprint.

Don't feel that shit doing an hour run.

6 30 sec 100% sprints with 1 1/2 min full rest between.
or work out 60% of your heart rate and when it drops to this sprint again.

less injury, less time and proven to be the same effect.

also more interesting training
im 18, always been pretty active, properly started taking an interest in my health and fitness when i was 15/16..before then it was playing rugby or kicking a football with the m8s. Maintain a respectable standard of fitness since then apart from school summer holidays wen it would slip somewhat. Recently ( this is my 1st year at uni) my freshers term was probably the most unfit i have ever been in my life as a result of constant drinking hangovers and lack of motivation. Since this xmas however I changed that around and bring me back to my original post!
sorry for the life story,but if it helps then great!
polar69 said:

2/3 runs and 2/3 gym sessions ?

Your body isn't recovering, what are you doing in the gym ?
Depending on age (which looking at the follow up response isn't a issue) and other stresses that shouldn't really be a problem.

I used to train 8-10 times a week just before and when at uni, a combination of running, swimming, weights and boxing and I was fine. My weight sessions were 60-90 minutes depending on the assistance work on the day.
It all depends on how much sleep you get and more importantly the quality of the nutrients you are getting in.
Derfel2010 said:
GK, I get this sometimes, feel i am training harder and getting weaker!!

Usually it means I need a good weeks rest from training all together.

To also give a alternative on this though, I have read quite a bit about drastically lowering volume but keeping the intensity level high.
So say usually you train 15 hours in a week, you drop that so that you are doing 3-4 for a week or two and then go back to say 10 hours and then the following week back to normal.

Obviously if you are completely knackered out and exhausted and showing real signs of overtraining, this shouldn't be followed, but as a general deload it works.

I would say from the gist of the original posters post, 6 weeks of the same routine needs a deload and then a change when he comes back.
I would also suggest some longer runs for the next 6-8 week cycle to build some bigger bellows in the heart (as it were).

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