Running machine?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ashleydodds, Jan 25, 2010.

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  1. Is a treadmill good for fitness and building leg muscle? obviously its not as good as running outside but does it give good benefits?
  2. Only if you put it on an incline. I only use one for eyes out speed seshs but as you say they're no substitute for the open road/x country.
  3. If you have the time to get on a dreadmill, you've got the time to get outside.
  4. I'd agree with what JD said but also add that I fnd treadmills very useful for interval sessions to ensure that you hit and maintain a constant speed. The incline setting to replicate 'normal' road running on the flat is usually '1' on most machines. :)
  5. I use one for a couple of weeks at a time when Im offshore as I simply have no other option.

    I find they are good for speed sessions, but get boring and hard on the knees any more than 30 minutes. I find putting it on a gradient, as mentioned above, gives a better session.

    I usually can't wait to get home and get a decent run out in the fresh air with some scenery and real hills.
  6. i find treadmills are no replacement for running outside, benifits yes. I found i could fcuk up my knees alot easier without getting cold in the process.

  7. Thanks guys, well selection in 3 weeks im going to start running outside alot more, also putting treadmil on incline, thanks for help! Usually get some stupid answers on here!
  8. and you are going to START more running outside now? 8O How much are you running outside now?
  9. BTW if you want to build explosive leg power (useful on assault... erm, sorry, CONFIDENCE :roll: courses etc) then try box jumps. I use three sets of 25 on a standard weight lifting bench, both legs together. Ie. start with both feet on the ground and jump with both feet together up onto the bench. Then step down. repeat this 25 times (or whatever works for you), rest for one minute between sets, or more if you need it.

    Edited once. changed 'bench' to 'weightlifting bench'.
  10. Once a week im am fit though, i do alot of sport and gym 4 times a week
  11. panic over then, a couple short runs during the week 3-4 mile and one longer one on the weekend? just ditch the treadmill and carry on with what ever else your doing in addition.

  12. I use running machine to replicate hills (there aren't any in London worth a mention) 10km/hour on a 10 incline..........buggers you after half an hour.

    Work hard on the incline, I'd be surprised if the selection run didn't have hills.........(Sutton Coldfield circa 1982 if too far back to remember).
  13. Are treadmills actually worse for your knees than running outside? I always thought it was the other way around. :?

    Personally, I hate dreadmills. I'd rather run outside in snow, p1ssing rain etc than use one. Far too boring.
  14. I'm not sure what the definate answer is, but my knees take more of a battering when I've been away for a few weeks and the only running I can do is on a running machine (although the amount of stairs on oil rigs may have something to do with it aswell and being on my feet for 12hrs)

    I hate tradmills aswell, would sooner be out in the fresh air and elements than stuck in a gym staring at the wall.
  15. That's why you get your own one, shove it in the lounge and watch TV while you run :D

    What a better way to get fit?