Running Jackets: Is it worth buying one?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Shandy123, Dec 11, 2011.

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  1. HI - bit of history - 37yrs old, was in 10 yrs, 10 yrs ago. I've been running prior to going back in the TA to get my fitness back and lose the accumulated fat of 10 yrs sedentary life (no excuse I know, but there you go - you can spare me the 'STABs don't need to be fit do they?' type comments too if you like - its pretty old now).

    Anyway - as the weather gets worse, I've moved to my Ron Hills and old long-sleeved smelly Helly, and have used a fleece gillet with it, but I have seen a few people out wearing these running jacket things - some flourescent, some not.

    Are there any real advantages to these? Or should I just save myself £50 and keep on with the HH and gillet?
    I'm only running a maximum of 2 miles, 3 times a week at the moment, but I am planning to increase the distance over the next few months.

    Cheers in advance for any constructive advice.
  2. 50 sobs for a running jacket??

    They're knocking 'em out for a tenner at bespoke sports retailer 'sports direct.'

    I've got one and I love it. I ran Sat in said jacket, T-shirt and shorts. I got a great time as it was effing freezing.

    Try it.
  3. I just run in shorts and a t-shirt, but then I'm ******* nails.
  4. You wont need one until you start doing serious miles. For the sake of comfort though they're worth the investment, particularly ones with the neck gaiter arrangement to cover your mouth. Nike do a good one, black jacket with luminous gaiter (£95). Good luck with the phys.
  5. thanks for the input, all three.
    Had a look at sports direct, seems like a good idea to get a cheap one from them now, the dearer one in say 12 months, and then in another year or so, go without when I'm nails too.
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  6. I should have said, get a breathable one. If you get some piece of crap from Chavs R Us that isn't breathable then you run the risk of sweat rashes, particularly prickly heat in winter if you haven't run in a while. Happy shopping!
  7. oh, right.
    Hmmm, maybe i'll give it a miss then.
    It was the wind and sleet I was worrying about really, that is - is it counter productive to allow you arms and hands to get cold while running? I do a good 10 minute warm up before I run, but maybe that's irrelevant? I would hate to get an injury or illness due to the elements
  8. I find if it is really cold then a good hat can help - retains quite a lot of warmth, without covering up any of the bits that do the sweating as you run.
  9. I use a Berghaus fleece one- doesn't itch like wool.
  10. Yep - same.
  11. Funny that as the sweating always starts at my head when running, I hate wearing any sort of headgear when exercising.
  12. im also in training got an epic run happening in may plan on running wainwrights coast to coast in 8 days for charity ABF ive taken advice from the Corp Man at my regt who states that i need as already been said a good breatable running top and a hat just invested in a pair of gloves too thought twice about that one but **** me it defo keeps you happy having warm fingers lol good luck in the training training shandy and if anyone knows of a decent running light wt backpack 45ltrs top that i can run with please advice
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  13. Your shift and full stop keys aren't working. You do know this don't you?
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  14. Get a luminous running jacket for one reason, so drivers and cyclists can see you. Thats the only reason I wear mine.

    The number of twats I see out running on a night time in the pitch black with black or non reflective kit is ridiculous
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  15. The old Karrimor KIMM backpack rang bells, but I don't think it's made any more. A quick search threw up this as an alternative...