Running in Hiking Boots

I have to admit this is a bit of a "Im a useless cnut asking too many questions about training" question, but if anyone has an opinion on this id be grateful..

So far in all of my running ive worn proper running shoes as is obviously sensible, but im doing quite a bit more cross country style running routes at the moment and im wondering is it better to run in Decent Hiking boots to prepare for wearing boots in Basic?

Any thoughts/slatings appreciated, Shake
Good idea but I would say no. Wear your trainers for running; you're only asking to get injured. Basic training will prepare you for wearing boots in general and army issue boots specifically.
Dont bother. You are risking injury in a big way. Hiking boots are made for hiking and not running - end of. Build up your stamina doing runs in trainers, the rest will come when you get to basic and your PT programme is progressive.
top tip, look after your knees, you only get one set and they have to last you a lifetime. don't run in boots unless you absolutely have to (last orders, chasing fanny etc.) and don't jump off vehicles if you have the option of climbing down, ( unless you're on fire, under fire etc)
civi-in-green said:
OR...............Get down your local running shop and look at some trail trainers designed for rough off road running..Cheaper than you may think..
i went down the running shop in Newcastle city centre and they have all sorts for next to nothing. My mate who just happens to be the regional champion at cross country swears by a pair that cost £30

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