Running in boots?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by FrankCastle, Dec 30, 2009.

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  1. I want to start running again as soon as possible in the new year. Unfortunately, the paths and roads up here are like sheet ice.

    I would not feel comfortable running in training shoes, so I've been considering wearing boots(Lowa)and keeping the distances short until the weather improves a little.

    IIRC, extended periods of running wearing boots can cause injury, but would a few weeks be OK, or should I stick to the treadmill until the roads up here can no longer be used for Ice Hockey?
  2. Extended periods of running wearing boots can cause injury...

    Bugger me somebody better tell the British Army then, I've done nothing but run in boots recently for PDT. We did a faux PFT in them for shits and giggles just before going on Xmas leave.

    You will be fine. Just make sure the boots are well fitting. Running in badly fitting boots can fcuk your feet up something bad.
  3. Cheers, mate. I thought running in boots was being phased out, apart from the PFT/CFT, because of the potential for strees-fractures etc. Obviously I was misinformed.

    Like I say, I'll only be doing it for a few weeks until the ground's dry enough for running shoes.
  4. Extended periods of exercise in any poorly fitted or innapropriate kit can cause injury.

    You can spend a fortune or use issue kit but if it doesn't fit properly it can cause injury. (How many people actually get a propper fitting or just go for the same size as their favourite trainers?)

    You'd be better of with a decent off road running shoe.

    If you ask these people nicely: trainers and stuff they'll send you a catalogue and a booklet on how to pick the right type of shoe.
  5. find a treadmill mate.
    icy roads and running do not make a good match.
    fine off road but boots won't give you any more grip than trainers especially if you hit a spot where the youth have been sliding que arse over tit and it will hurt. :evil:
  6. Bollocks! All this nonsense about running in boots is laughable. Correct me if i'm wrong but are the lads and lasses in the sandpit operating in High Techs or boots? Surely it makes sense that all outdoor training should be done in boots whenever possible. I will concede that the boots need to be better than the old CBHs, but that shouldn't be a problem either, as there are many good boots that don't weigh much more than trainers, and handle the high impact nature of running very efficiently! :roll: