Running in boots?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by clarkie_ni, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. When you go to Catterick do you run in boots straight away... Or would I need to take a good pair of running shoes with me?
  2. Running shoes are like any other item of kit: if you need them, a kind storeperson will give you some.

    This just has to be a "Wah!" doesn't it?
  3. erm did ya not read ya civillian to infantry soldier book when ya passed selection it tells ya everythin ya need there
  4. Ya.

    You'll be issued trainers and boots and told what to wear when. Read your joining instructions.
  5. i did read em lol i was telling him
  6. No you dont run in boots straight away, you start off in trainers.
  7. Was talking to the OP; apologies for being unclear :)
  8. ha no worries man lol
  9. Just train in boots with no socks. 3.2 km run with 8 kg belt kit everyday. Feet will be a bit sore at first with blisters etc. Then after 6 months start wearing socks. You'll feel like you are walking on air.
  10. Go a step further and start with bits of broken glass and grit in you boots (without socks).

    Your feet will bleed and probably get infected for a while, however, once you remove the debris (if you haven’t succumbed to gangrene and amputation) it will be like your floating
  11. ha yeah or on crutches either way ya wont get in the army lol
  12. Go two steps further and run barefoot on the volcanic rock and hot ground in Iceland. Your feet will probably bleed, burn, be extremely painful and refuse to bear your weight for some time afterwards, but once you put your boots full of broken glass on, you'll feel like you're floating on air.
  13. But if ya do survive ya feet will be as tough as old boots and ya wont have to worry ya pretty little arrse about running in boots will ya :wink:
  14. Or take it to the 3rd and ultimately final step and……………….

    Stop right there :twisted:

    Sorry :oops:
  15. By the time you start running in boots you would have broken them in anyway
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