Running in a bin liner

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Bondi-Babe-Magnet, Jan 8, 2007.

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  1. Back in my days in the Company boxing team they made the fat lads run wearing a bin liner, they used to sweat like a rapist and (supposedly) it got their weight down.

    Question is does it really work or is it all just balls. I am sure it can't be good for you.

  2. This method of losing weight is only tempory for those who have 'weigh ins' such as boxers or jockeys. You only lose sweat which is replenished as soon as you drink liquid.
  3. I would only go for a run in a bin liner if the park was closed or the path was muddy.

    I find them clostrophobic and dark inside, very difficult to see were you'r going, and running with a head torch gives you Hydrokefalitis.

    Find an indoor gym and wait for the weather to clear up, bin liners make worse sports venues than the inside of Kwik Save boxes.
  4. I'd avise against it. A pal of mine from school (who admittedly was a bit of a tubby lad) started running with a liner on died of a heart attack brought on by his system overheating. V sad for that to happen to anyone let alone a teenager
  5. I lived near a professional Muay Thai gym in Bangkok when I worked in Thailand 03-06. Even there, in tropical heat, you'd see guys trying to make fight weight running in rubberised oversuits tight at neck, ankles and wrists. They'd also run and then shut themselves in the phone box on the soi, jogging lightly in place in, quite literally, a sweatbox. Hard, fit lads.
  6. Indeed... running in a bin liner is only bettered as a crap sports venue by "swimming in army boots".... you can barely do a tuck and turn and as for diving in.... forget it they are rubbish.
  7. I tried running in a bin liner, but found that the empty bean cans, old newspapers & fish heads meant it was hard to maintain a meaningful stride. Plus I kept getting followed by foxes.
  8. One of the girls i worked with last year is a serious Judo compeditor

    she uses the bin liner trick, with at least three layers of clothing when she needs to get down to her fighting wieght.

    she doesnt use this technique all the time - only when needed
  9. ive used tis wight loss method and was worned off it by the doc he said its like putting a egg in a boiling kettle thats the effect on the internal organs of your body
  10. your just dehydrate and as being dehydrated by 2& reduces your maximum energy by 20% its counter productive.
  11. Start off with small, light loads - waste paper, sweetie wrappers, that sort of stuff and build up to the heavier, smelly stuff slowly, to make your bin-bag last longer.

    Sorry, I thought you meant 'running-in'........
  12. Yep anything that buggers your stride has got to burn more calories, but I recommend a hessian sack as it won't rip so easy... or alternatively just find one of the ubiquitous sandy hills.
  13. But if you really want to lose weight... leave the bin liner in the bin!
  14. As I discovered last week you get much the same effect running in what turned out to be a non breathable windproof fleece. Nasty.
  15. A boxer requiring weight loss for a second weigh in would use a bin liner when working out for a short period to lose excess fluid only. Once the boxer had made the weight he would replenish excessive fluid immediately and regain the weight. The one problem for the boxer to avoid is dehydration.

    If you are running in a bin liner for this reason then it's normal. If you are running just to lose weight then a bin liner is not a safe idea unless your runs are short and you take on non/little carbohydrate fluid.

    Safest bet is run without the bin liner, even on short runs, but run regularly so the weight dissapears slowly. Besides, a liner will be uncomfy, humid and slimy!