running in 95s?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Baloo1983, Apr 2, 2009.

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  1. Hello Ladies and Gents,

    Having recently got my army number and my kit I am due to start RTC'ing in May.

    I am very aware that the boots are stiffer than a week old dead man I wondered what the crack is regarding running in them? I am not about to combine the combat boot & shorts look as I don't want to look like a w**ker. Accordingly I would ideally like to run my local route in my 95 trousers and possibly accompanying that with the unit / plain green t-shirt.

    I remember from the days as a space cadet (ATC) it was frowned upon to wear uniform in the street and then it was encouraged and then frowned upon, then encouraged et cetera!

    Any ideas....

  2. Ideas?

    Yes, don't.
  3. H3

    H3 LE

    Put dubbing or saddle soap on them and wear them out for a few trips to Tesco's etc it'll make them supple in no time .... oh don't go for the run in them down the high street as yep you'll look like a twonk lol

    The only problem being if you put too much on then when you come to polish them they'll look a bit dull !!!

    But as most will say just plenty of polish and wear them in .....
  4. don't run in boots you will only knacker your feet knees etc.
    just run faster further in DECENT trainers.
  5. just get dressed up as a goth, making sure the bottom part of your outfit is your 95's and boots. Then go and annoy a gang of chavs by saying 'I bet you couldnt break my nose with one punch, etc etc '

    They should give you a good chase, while you're simoultaneously breaking in your boots and improving your cardio vascular.

    Bonus! everyones a winner!
  6. ;

    Shame on your recruiter for not giving you instructions on this important issue. Your feet are important in the Army, look after them and they'll look after you!

    Fortunatley for you young jedi, uncle Sarge has got your back, take this information seriously, and never mind those bigger boys giving you dry and abusive answers:

    Get down to a decent boot shop, or peruse the internet in search of some 'Beginner running boots', such as the picture below, make sure you wear some shorts to begin with, you don't want those nasty combat trousers to give you chaffing around the scrotinium.

    I reccommend starting with some tight, small denim shorts! Prefferebly in white. Trust me, if you want the right results, you've got to have the look!

    Now buy these boots and get out there young 'un...make me proud!!

  7. Too late for that princess. :smurfin:

    Wear your boots around your house, take the cat for a walk, go buy the beano, give a prossie the ol' once in the pink once in the stink treatment etc till broken in accordingly.

    You don't need to run in boots alot but I do recommend doing it every now and again, even if just for the positive mental attitude of 'I've done it before, i can do it again', don't worry about what you look like, concern yourself with your performance instead.
  8. If you want to run in boots, just wear a pair of plain black tracksuit bottoms over the top with a civvy t-shirt. Job done.
  9. Seconded.

    Filter out the cack from posts above Praes' and you'll also see good advice in only doing it occasionally.

    You'll rarely, if ever, be expected to 'run' any sort of distance in boots, but short distances every once in a while will show the different gait that you need to use.

    Break your boots in properly by wearing them as often as is practical away from your unit. For fcuks sake don't try to run in them straight out of the box!
  10. You'll have to run in boots when on exercise etc., so it's always worth breaking them in. As has been said, wear them in as much as possible and for goodness sake, if you're going running in them soon, wear a bloody good pair of socks. Ski socks do the trick, or maybe some multilayer sports socks. Or a combination thereor? It does take longer than expected to break them in in my limited experience (three pairs), but just because they're comfortable it doesn't mean they won't give you blisters when you do start to run in them. Wear them everywhere!
  11. Many, many years ago, when I was a keen young reservist, I used to run in boots most evenings. It's not a good idea - I now have flat feet. Get some good, well-fitting running shoes.

    As for breaking in, when I returned to soldiering years later, I used to batter the hard bits of my combat boots (other than the toecaps) with a cricket stump and slather neatsfoot oil on them, but I don't know if that would work with the latest wizzo boot. It certainly reduced mine to the consistency of bedroom slippers - though a high gloss polish became a bit problematical.
  12. My field boots are like that, its like wearing a pair of trainers.
  13. H3

    H3 LE

  14. If you HAVE to run in boots, make sure you fit a decent pair of insoles to the boots for starters.
    Run in trainers and keep the boot runs to a minimum.
    Stick to off road where possible, your knees will thank you in the long run (sorry)