Running help?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by amietheyorkshirelass, Nov 2, 2009.

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  1. Right, I'm not sure if I can explain this properly but I'll have a go....
    So say a few weeks ago, I could do a certain distance when I'm running, now I can do that same distance but in a faster time but when I try to go a further distance at the original pace - I can't do it!
    How do I run for longer?! Frustrating me :x
  2. Run at a slower pace perhaps?
  3. Nope going slower doesn't help because she wont make the run time, if thats what shes trying to do. Build your stamina, try fartlek training.
  4. What's the cause of you stopping, breathing? Muscle ache?
  5. Wait a minute you don't know what his run time is yet! He could be asking for help running a marathon! He may already be able to do the 1.5 miles in a decent time. More information is required!

    I agree with the fartlek training! You could also try basic interval training - jog 400 metres then sprint 100, repeating for a total of 3 miles a time.
  6. breathing is the only thing that stops me really! :(
  7. How long have you been running?
  8. Not long, about 4 months :oops: but I had flu recently and I've just got back into it properly...
  9. By the way slippy its a She, and nope i forgot about that but also fartlek helps build stamina weather your running a marathon or running the 1.5.

    Not being sarcastic or anything by the way.
  10. So how far are you actually trying to run?
  11. I am indeed a she :) thanks for the recommendation.
  12. oh just a mile at the moment :oops: baby steps for now because I let myself get this unfit!! :x
  13. Just a mile!!! What are you a whale? My grandad can do that, I think your just running too fast, sort your pace out, calm down your breathing and it'll be a breeze.
  14. Well if you need information on fartlek then there is a topic on The Training Wing or I can help.
  15. Fartlek is all about going at your own pace, interval training is where its at if you really want to see a spike, but you really have to push.