Running for Leukaemia Research

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by piespies, May 26, 2006.

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  1. Hi

    All this year I will be running for the Leukaemia Research Fund, hopefully culminating in taking on the London Marathon next April. There are a number of personal reasons for my choosing the LRF as my charity, but it is a massively worthwhile cause, as I'm sure a number of you will attest.

    My first event is in two days' time, on 28th May in Crowle, Worcestershire, where I'm taking on the "Gunpowder Plot" 10K (so called because it passes close to the manor house where the Plot was hatched). If anyone would like to sponsor me for this, or any other of my runs, please PM me and I will pass you details of how to do so.

    All best

  2. £10 from the Slug.

    Count me in and feel free to make me bully people to part with their cash.
  3. Thanks Dale, only £4,990 to go :)

  4. Thanks for doing this Pies

    I will see what the coffers have left to offer. After all, i am a hippy dole bludger :wink: