running every day?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by welshlad91, Jul 30, 2008.

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  1. hey i was just wondering should i be running every day? cause i heard from some people that i should have rest days in between but heard from others that i should run everyday? whats the best to do?

    any help appreciated :)
  2. Its best that you should build up slowly the length and speed of your runs, but i would advise having a rest day every other day. As all you are going to do, is be exercising when your muscles need the time to be repairing themselves.

    As when you do running, or weights or pushups and you have a good work out, tiny tears happen in your muscles, and they become stronger in those rest days, when the tears are being repaired.
  3. Have a rest.

    That said I have no qualifications. However, it makes sense to give time for your body to develop in response to exercise.

    Qualified PTIs will give you the details.

    Good Luck!
  4. i currently run 1.5 mile as fast as i can every day is this bad? my best is 11:05 :( but working on it. and i got selection on the 14th so should i run every day to get it down quicker or every other day ?
  5. Depends on the amount of running you're doing and what your aim is.

    Do you sprint your knacks off the whole 11:05 or just slow run / jog? And do you do any other training to make your run time better other than standard running, like stamina exercises, interval training or fartlek? You can always have your ADSC date delayed if your not happy with your physical condition.
  6. well ye i do it as fast as i can but you cant sprint all the way on mile n half. and i do do some interval training down the field aswell sometimes and i wouldnt want to delay my selection as i want to get in as soon as possible. what would be the best thing to do in the 2 weeks before i go?
  7. I would aim for 5 miles a day at a steady pace. The first mile fairly slow, as you are warming up, the other three miles at your own pace, where you are not gasping for air and the last mile fairly slow as you warm down. Would not worry too much about pushing yourself and times. Just plod on, at least you are doing something to get yourself into shape. As said above you need days to rest Run every other day and on the other days maybe go swimming or concentrate on upper body strength. The main thing is don't overdo it now with only two weeks left - when you do get in you will have structured PT by qualified PTI's. Good luck.
  8. Run a 1.5 once a week, do some 400m intervals with a minute or so rest between each (trying to get sub 1 min 10 each sprint) and a 5 miler.

    The rest should either be rest or some kind of other aerobic work. I would say fast paced but I don't know what your work capacity is and you only have 2 weeks so throwing yourself in the deep end so close to time would be a mistake.
  9. From "Ripping Yarns" - "..God knows we did out best, but we were severely weakened from the training".

    Sad, I know, but I always smile at that. If running every day is making you slower despite the fact that you're trying as hard as you can then you probably shouldn't be running every day.
  10. if i do 5 miles every other day would it help my 1.5 mile?
  11. Run! Run as fast as you can! As much as you can! Don't stop running! Run Run Run!!!

    Excuse me, slightly carried away.

    Running 1.5miles, absolutely tearing round as fast as you can go is not recomended. i advise test yourself at PFT pace once a week.
    vary the type of training you do, switching day to day from Fartlek to interval as these are 2 of the best forms of training to get your time down. It is a good idea to take rest days, not necersarily every other day but often enough to give your body some chance of recovery.

    A simple plan can be like this:

    1. Fartlek training
    2. Steady state run
    3. Interval Training
    4. Rest
    5. PFT best effort
    6. Steady State
    7 Rest.

    And repeat on a weekly basis.
  12. whats the difference between interval training and fartlek? and how far should the steady run be?
  13. Neighbour wins 1/2 marathons, and he doesn't run everyday but 5 days a week. He also varies what he does on those days.

    I'm not training for anything in particular now, - grey-haired- but I do alternate run/gym days with a day off in the week. When I trained for things I just ran more on the run days.

    Lots of advice here choose whatever works for you, but yes a day off or two a week is good for you.
  14. difference is, Fartlek is set distances/times varying your speed whereas Interval training is set distances running at 75-80% MHR taking a rest break in between, e.g.

    1 x 400m - followed by 60 seconds rest
    2 x 200m - followed by 30 seconds rest in between
    4 x 100m - followed by 15 seconds rest in between
    2 x 200m - followed by 30 seconds rest in between
    1 x 400m - followed by 60 seconds rest

    Steady state running is approx. 60% MHR, this should be a comfortable pace in which you can just keep going and going.
  15. Where did you copy and paste that from? :D