Running - eugh!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by rach-ni, May 18, 2006.

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  1. I fecking hate running, always have and probably always will. However it's kinda a necessity so gotta do it.

    I go out every other night (just about a mile/mile and a half) I know its not much but its better than nothing. Also try and do some hills stuff just for good measure. It is however, incredibly boring and not much craic.

    Anyone got any tips of how to make it a bit more fun? Other than finding someone with a nice ass to run in front of you? I want to try and get my 2.4k time down a good bit!

    Cheers folks
  2. Some music always helps, get an mp3 player on to run along to.
  3. I agree. Once I'm hooked up to the MP3 I'm in a world of my own. Normally run for three to five miles after work and without the music it would be boring and more grind. 8O

    Bless iPod and what it offers :D

  4. Why don't you advertise on Runnersworld website for a running buddie to keep you company or join a running club? :)
  5. Just don't do this on any route involving roads. Safety people, safety.

    Try running different routes. The same old thing gets boring after a while. If that's not possible, even running the same route in reverse can give you different things to look at.

    Someone to run with helps. You can keep each other going and chat. Also, if you run for longer distances then the shorter runs fly by and you won't get bored.

    You could always PM the marathon runners and ask them, they must be experts in not getting bored.
  6. Yeah I've seen people talking about the runners world website on other threads - there seems to be a good bit of advice on there.

    Think I need to get some more motivational music on my iPod!
  7. I usually have a bit of Eminem going on my I-pod when running, he's a very angry young man and it seems to help ignore the pain. None of us here are children, but I must agree with Stab, once you've got your music going it's quite easy to step out into the road without even paying attention. To avoid this I usually run by fields, the fear of getting raped constantly keeping me on my toes.
  8. Try wearing fancy dress. A Bernie Clifton style Ostrich suit should raise a few smiles.

    Hope this helps.
  9. Try hopping every third step, keeps me amused.
  10. Try getting some training toys as well.. Like a Heart rate monitor and/or a gps based timer thingy like the Garmin Forerunner (get the 201 or 301, not one of the new one's) They'll add a little more determination rather than just going for a plod for the sake of it.

    Also try throwing in some mud or wetness for extra pleasure - or is that just me?
  11. I tend to make running more fun by dragging the tele and video along, remember though you will need a long extention lead or you are just wasting your time.

    If your home entertainment system isn't 'man prtable' buy a pair of 'knee symbols' or take them from part of a one man band out fit...... Run with the mental soundtrack of 'Give me hope Joanna' in your mind and beat along to the tune with your new instrument.

    The added bonus of the above is that a children will follow you in groups and run along with you.......... you can rape and kill them after you have showered
  12. That is just sick MDN. Everyone knows you take the shower after you're done raping.
  13. Running with an mp3 player is a great tip.

    The best advice I can give is to commit yourself to a future race, doesn't have to be a Marathon, it could be a local 5k or 10k race. Then structure your training to do it as fast as you can, there is loads of advice on sites like coolrunning and runnersworld. for specific training programmes then check out hal higdon and pete pfitzinger.

    Running can be very boring, sometimes I cant be bothered to get out of bed either, but it gets so much easier if you are doing it for a specific reason (keeping fit just aint good enough!)

    and run for charity as well, that will strengthen your resolve too!

    Good luck.
  14. I usually fantasise about what I'm going to do with my inevitable, but often delayed lottery win.

    Makes the time fly by, but my run usually ends with me in tears, pounding the pavement and screaming into the ether...
  15. To expand on my earlier point yeah, as said the mp3 just lets you zone out a bit more and ignore the panting and the boring sound of feet and your rapist heavy breathing.

    Of note am i the only person who has Village people on my running playlist? :roll: