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Hi, I start basic training at the end of July and was looking for some advice on how far I should be running by the time I go? I have been training now since November and have steadily increased my running to 7km 2/3 times per week. I am looking to increase this to 10km by the time I get to basic. I am confident that I can acheive this, but just wondered if this will be sufficient for when I get there? Any advice would be appreciated.
10km will be fine. Concentrate on speed. You wont need to go above 10km.
Ten kilometres/six miles sounds about right, there might be the odd endurance-type run thrown in, up to around ten miles, but for the main part you'll be running around the six mile distance.

Make sure that before you go, you don't overtrain.
What kind of time are you running a PFT in? (Personal Fitness Test/1.5 miles)

I ran 9:59 at the ADSC at the end of January. To be honest have'nt done it again since then. Have tried to concentrate on increasing my distances since. Maybe I should try it again next week cos I would like to think that I could beat it now.
Well, if you can get your hands on a running track, or a distance you know is a mile and a half; dropping your PFT time is incredibly easy.

For my part, I'd concentrate more on sprint/shorter distance training. You'll do a lot of fartlek (google it) style training during basic.

Thanks for advice. There is a route I can run near me which is 1.5 mile that I used about a dozen times before I went for selection. Again, advice is appreciated.
Pukka said:
Thanks for advice. There is a route I can run near me which is 1.5 mile that I used about a dozen times before I went for selection.
Ok, with that route, if possible, break it down into quarters, or as far down as you can (reasonably) accurately measure. Then, run the first quarter in a pace that's 30 seconds UNDER your desired pace. For example, if you want to run a 9 minute PFT, then run the quarter (600m, incidentally) at 8.30 pace (1 min 35 per 400m). Rest for the same length of time, and then repeat. Then, as your fitness improves, drop the length of the recovery and increase the distance you're running.

an easy way to improve your time is to find a football or rugby pitch. Sprint from goal posts to the other, rest for 20 secs. Then keep repeating. Or Run from one end to the other then jog back. Fartlek is one of the best ways of training.

It is also good to change your distances, keeps it interesting.

Also what i do is record my times. Its really good morale booster. You can monitor your results and how much time your loosing. quick and easy to do in word.

Good luck fella... Stick at it!
Just checked out and thought it was great thanks. I was looking for something exactly like this about 4 weeks ago but could'nt find anything. This will make planning my runs alot easier. Thanks for the info.
top tip:

do hill sprints.

i did a lot of that sort of training and it was awsome. plus your runs will be 6 miles or so and will include hills with nicknames like 'heartbreak hill'.

you'll soon learn that PT becomes very much a mental thing.
i can run a sub 8 min pft (just:p) and i still find some of the PT sessions howling (in phase 2 atm).

dont go mad and hurt yourself, and when u get there, work hard and remember, its not over until your in the showers!

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