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can any of you guys let me know how far you run on basic, so i can start running these distances to prep me for it. Also what kind of pace is required. finally what happens if you fail the tests on basic, do you get kicked out or do they just make you stay until you can meet the reqirement they want. cheers.
Hoff, the distances vary. If you are not up to scratch in training you may get back squaded which means you'll be held or put back in the training program.
I was advice by a PTI that to train for the 1.5 mls i should be running 3 mls. Which was good advice for me and i did a time of 9.41 mins. If you can run for a hour non-stop i think you'll be ok. A lot of it's in your head. What i'm trying to say is once you know you can run for a hour, it's not scary when some one takes you out for a hour long run as you know you can do it.
Also i found long walks helped, try carrying a weighted bergen/ruck sack as you walk.
Train hard, rest, and build up you distance/time. If you put the effort in you will be sound lad. Only you know how hard you are really training.

Good luck.
cheers spud monkey. im running for round 40 mins non stop at the moment, usually at 10min mile pace. i can do my 1.5mile in 10.45 which is not bad as iv only been training a couple of weeks, also im quite a big lad at 6ft5in and 15stone 7lbs. but like u say, if you put effort in all will be good.
Keep it up mate. like i said a lot of it is mental prep. I was around 13 and a half stone at a height of 5.10 when i did my best mile and a half time. Best effort all the way and you'll be sorted.
No disrespect, but I think you shouldn't really focus on the specifics of what you're going to have to do there, but just train train train, and be as fit as you possibly can before going to basic.

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