Running delicate equipment through a generator or generator compatible UPS

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by rgjbloke, Jun 14, 2012.

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  1. Hi everybody. I'd appreciate some technical advice if anybody can help.

    We have been asked if we will run our photo booth for a charitable event to help a school for special needs kids raise money for a swimming pool. We've offered to provide it free of charge because it's at beaconsfield, a nice part of the world and we will get some exposure to the locals there.

    The problem is, the event is being run somewhere where there is no available power and I'm trying to figure out how to produce our own suitable power.

    Our booth uses a laptop computer, a digital camera and a sensitive die sub printer that interfaces with it all to produce instant prints. All very sensitive and expensive gear!

    I have a couple of generators which I know I can't use on their own with our equipment. I was wondering if I could install a UPS to power the gear while a generator powers the UPS but from what I've read, a UPS can be delicate and may get knackered by the generator?

    The other issue is the budget. We don't have one. It's something we are not charging for and we will be incurring a cost for paper etc for the prints for those who have their photo taken in the booth and we can't afford to by any expensive gear.

    Any ARRSER's have any idea's how I may overcome the problem for a smallish outlay?

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. You need to buy a Voltage/power regulator to run your generator through, before it hits your equipment.
  3. Theres a smoothing unit that comes with the current genset to run sensitive equipment off. No idea how or even if it works as Ive never had any cause to use one but I'm sure there are commercial versions available.
  4. Big thing is make sure you have the grounding especialy if you are using a UPS to get a true sin wave. UPS need a good ground because of how they are constructed and can't just be pluged into a ungrounded generator or one that has a floating neutral otherwise the case may become live, frying the special needs kids wouldn't go down well.
  5. Need to know how much you need to draw, and what the out put of each geni is. this might help: linky
  6. At work we have a UV light that works fine when run on 240V mains or site-supply 110V but when run from a 110V generator blows bulbs at an alarming rate. After spending time looking for an economical smoothing unit (it being presumed that the generator produced spikes), we ended up incorporating a simple domestic dimmer switch in the supply lead. Turned up to full on (i.e. no dimming) it works a treat. No blown bulbs thereafter. Obviously it's the capacitors incorporated in it that do the smoothing.
  7. This is going to go on, and on, PM me what you have, with it's power requirments, and will as what your geni pushes out, and I'll get it squared away.

    Failing that find an Rsigs E.D. and they should be able to set you straight, right off the bat.
  8. Thanks. I'll get the figures together and do that. It's going to be a day or two though but I'll be in touch.
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