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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by sappagirl, May 31, 2007.

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  1. Hey, i was wondering if anyone could help me. My TA centre has asked me to go for a PTI course the big problem is my fitness is officially THE WORST! :oops: Im in need of a running buddy as its kinda hard to just get out and run by yourself, i normally manage around 2miles before i get bored and go home!! So you can probably see right there my running sucks. Could anyone suggest anything or better yet offer their services (in the nicest possible way!)
  2. Are you sure that they were being serious?

    Do they need a female PTI to fill their quota?

    Are you the only bird at the unit?

    Take a bus or train to somewhere 10 miles away. Run home, job done!
  3. You sound like an excellent choice for a PTI
  4. The reason being is i have a YMCA qualification in fitness instruction and circuit training. Its unfortunate im not as fit as i should be or would like to be. There currently is no PTI, and being female should make no difference
  5. hmm plan your route before hand and make sure you finish it, preferable do somthing like T_T said, you could find a point say 2 or 3 miles from your house, run out to it, then you gotta get back, even if your board you still have to get back so you might aswell run because it gets you back quicker anyway. :)
  6. Fitness Instructor - not fit.

    Get a grip lass, not the impression to your mates at your TAC let alone your clients/Gym Members.

    The way I use is to plan my route first, find the "distance waypoints" (i know when ive done a mile, 2, 3 etc) and use them as motivation. An MP3 player to keep your mind off it and find some hills, because the going down is great :D
  7. What time can you do 1 1/2 miles in?
  8. get an mp3 player has helped me keep going when i get bored on a run
  10. double post, server being playing up
  11. Run time for 1.5 is 13 minutes (i wont say what it used to be) and i want to take another 3 mins off that. The press ups and sit ups aren't any problem.
    I normally run a circuit around home then go onto runlondon to see what the distance was.
  12. Running buddies are a strange beast, either they run at your pace and their benefit is minimal or you run at their pace and your face turns very red and breathing becomes difficult.

    T_T advice spot on though maybe 10 miles may be a bit excessive. Get a mate or bus to drop you off at increasingly greater distances and run back or run for set time and see distance covered grow. MP3 helps. Add in some sprint training and roberts yer fathers brother.

    That said when I did the PTI cse it was more about Gymnastics though Centurian was a rank not a tank!
  13. From experience, I would say join a local running club. I joined my local club and saw my running improve dramatically in the space of a few months. I went from being someone who was usually in the middle of the group when it came to BFT's to leading the group and that was in a unit that was big on fitness standards too. Prior to joining the club I always used to run alone, to make any progress though running needs to be slightly competetive I think.
  14. I have recently been downloading audio books and listening to them on the MP3 player while I go for a long long jog. I have been going for a 90 minute jog on a Sunday and its great for improving your endurance.