Running buddies - good idea or not?

I usually run on my own as impossible committing to meeting someone at a certain time to go out, but this evening, somehow managed it. We got to the meeting point on time and off we went. Their stride was significantly less than mine so I started to reduce mine to keep us together but, after about 10 minutes, my back and legs started to ache a little and I also started putting in little steps just to keep the rhythm going.

I was thinking that this really wasn't such a good idea after all when we arrived back at the car and was asked if I wanted to go around again (something I have never been motivated to do on my own). Seeing the shocked look on my face, they said it would be easier because we could motivate each other along the way. And they were right and we have tentatively agreed another run for Monday.

So, am asking the good people of arrse who make fitness a lifestyle rather than a choice, is a running buddy a good idea or not? I wouldn't even have considered going around again if they weren't there but putting little steps in to keep us together is throwing me off my stride. Any suggestions? :?


Run behind him at your normal pace and give him a kicking every time you get too close, he’ll soon start running at your pace or faster.
I reckn running with mates is good. For me it tends to bring out a bit of a competetive edge and push me harder.
Horse whip him everytime he slows down
Dead_Scans above has it right - running with someone definitely makes me push myself harder and be more competitive. Plus it's more fun.
Running buddies/training partners are an excellent idea, the hard bit being to find someone of a similar ability. If the ability levels are markedly different (like it sounds in your case) then one partner ends up demoralised coz they can't keep up or the other one ends up frustrated coz they know they're not training anywhere near their potential.

I don't know where you are based but if in the UK it might be worth looking out for your local running club; here you'll find people of all abilities and somebody will be close to yours. If you join you also (usually) get discount entry into races/marathons etc and sometimes discounts on purchases at the local running shop.
Had a running/training partner in 1983 in the build up for selection. We were acquaintances rather than friends and of different abilities to start with (him faster, me better with weight) but after six months there was little difference. It was good to have a competitive element in our training and we certainly helped with each others motivation. We were also undertaking some considerable distances and it was good to have the company.

Ended up being best man at his wedding and godfather to one of his children. Only exchange Christmas cards these days as he emmigrated some years ago.
Main advantage of a running partner, in my experience, is it keeps you motivated and training consistently since you less likely to find excuses to miss a run. And at the end of the day, its about how consistently you train, not necessarily how hard.


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My best mate is a semi-pro rugby player (he plays for two clubs 2nd teams whilst at Uni) and we go running when we can, which isn't to often. You can't believe the drive it gives you to beat an athelete at something physical! And it works for him as well, not wanting to lose to a fat(ish) nacker like me.

So yeah, I'd say running partners are a good thing.
I agree with most of what's been said on here, running buddies are a good idea, I always run with friends it keeps me motivated and also it's nice to have a chat and a laugh whilst you're training and it also stops you from getting bored! I've made many good friends through running even advertising on the runners world website for running buddies, and I now run with another 7 women, we also socialise with each other as well. As previously said a running club is a good idea, the one I went to had 3 different levels, fast, medium and slow so there's something for every level.

As a female I would never run on my own anyway, it's not that safe and you feel vulnerable - so always run with someone if possible. :)
Thumbs up all round then for sticking it out, best carry on then. I like the added bonus of picking some speed up too. Thanks everyone!

Goku - I am never going running with you !! 8O :lol: :lol:
I personally don't like running with a friend because I tend to talk to them which get's me out of breathe so easy, Plus my friends aren't the same ability as me so it's hard to break away from them. I usually end up not pushing myself until the last quatre of a mile and that's when I start to sprint.
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