Running Belts

Im looking more & more like a bionic tube every time i go for a run with all the gadgetry from ipods to heart rate monitors & pedometers but im after some feed back on running belts.

Im increasing my mileage & i need to be taking on more fluid & carbs. Up until now i've only used feed bottles but they are a ballache to carry & no good for trail. Has anybody given the running belts a bash, i've steered clear partly because they look like bumbags but mainly because of them bouncing on the back of the hips, not good after a couple of hours. Camel/Hydration packs also bug shite out of me cause of the arm restriction & excessive weight....

So has anyone given the running belts a ago or are there any alternatives?

Feedback appreciated
Get yourself a SIGG Activity Belt. Costs about £15 and is more than comfortable and has a zip pocket for pukka pies and your spare incontinence pants etc.

It doesnt bounce all over the place like some and its best if you fit it so the bottle sits upright in the small of your back out of the way.

Hope this helps keep us posted

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