Running away from responsibility?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AlexTanks, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. Afternoon all, hope this is int he right section but im just after a chat with you all and to see what your thoughts on this are.
    Has anyone else whos joined or in the joining up process of any armed forces been accused of running away from responsibility? I started my joining up process in October last year, causing my fiancee to leave me (Lucky escape really, found out she had slept with more people while with me than i had hot dinners!) Now she's got her back up about things and causing hell for me. I have all the friends and male 'acquaintances' texting me saying I'm running away from my parental responsibilities as i have a 3 year old daughter, who isnt my ex fiancees child may i add. I can handle the stick of all these people but it makes me take a step back and look at it from the point of view from others.

    Thanks all, Alex.
  2. You ve got to do what you ve got to do mate, don't listen to these *****, get on with you life as you see fit, as long as you are paying a bit towards your childs up keep then, no dramas.....!
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  3. Are you able to provide for your child better as a soldier or [insert title of McJob here]?
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  4. **** them and **** their opinions.

    I'm assuming you don't live with the child but see it regularly and provide for it financially? If so then joining the military won't change this and you will continue to see the child as regularly as possible and continue to do so.

    Tell these acquaintances that the man from the internet said to get fucked and to stop wearing tight jeans
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  5. Thats one thing i wont do. must say my daughter likes the idea of daddy being a solider ha!
  6. Yeah i see her on a weekend and pay a more than resonable amount a month. It doesnt bother me the fact they say it they can all go ****. Just angers me thats the main thing. Aint their business.
  7. In the long run yes I will. The job I currently hold is well paid but doesnt make up the fact Im not happy doing it. Either way my daughter wont go with out, she just wont see me as much as she does at the moment. But the time spent with her will be cherished a hell of a lot more.
  8. How is getting a responsible full time career "running away from your responsibilities"? As has been said, as long as you make sure that you provide support for your child (not just financial, but by building/maintaining a strong relationship) you will be providing a good role model. To my mind that is being responsible.

    Do your ex fiancée and her chums all work?

    Ignore them. They are nothing to do with you, your life, or your child.

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  9. Tell them all to **** off - then change your number so they can't text you dripping...that's the last thing you need while you're in training!

    If the ex-Fiancee isn't the mother of your kid, you won't feel too bad about severing all ties.
  10. Tell the skank to go **** herself
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  11. She doesnt work but her chums do, if ou class robbing and drug running work.
  12. Ha! Yes she owns a onsie, typical leopard print.
  13. Did that when she tried to stop me joining up.
  14. It would really piss her off if pictures of her appeared on certain well known websites...............
  15. I'd like to think so but im not sure Im accustomed to this drill. Do explain?