Running Around Strapped to a Dog.

Not referring to hanging out of the back of some munter from the local sticky carpets.

Seen a couple of news clips recently of people doing an orienteering, running thingy whilst attached to their pets. (of the canine variety, not budgies, cats etc.) Sort of like dog sledding without the sled.

I need to get rid of some flab and this looks like a good way of exercising the dog at the same time.

Anyone have any idea what its called or any clubs etc.



cunexttuesday said:
No dog is a 1 year old husky fit as. I'm the only fat cnut in the family.
I know a guy that I go cross country skiing with over here in mainland Europe with a husky - he has a harness and a 5mtr lead setup and the dog loves to tow him around.
He is a fit cnut but reckons it is not good for a husky to run on tarmac, only on soft ground.
Maybe good for a Norwegian holiday, but not every week - any hills near you?

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