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Today I attemped a 1.5 mile run for the first time. After doing 4 minutes of walk/run warm up and then doing a further 0.50 (1/2) of a mile I felt relly bad in my chest and stomach area and had to stop running and after having a 2 minute break and trying to continue it happened again. :( can anyone give me advice on what is causing this and how to stop it please. :(
Basically, without being harsh, you're just unfit. You have to stick at it and slowly and surely the pain will go and the distance will increase. If you're overweight that will have some bearing on it to.
I used to think doing a mile and a half was hard and would come back blown from doing one as fast as possible (which wasn't really that fast).

The trick is simply to keep going for it. Don't run the arrse out of it though. Go at a steady pace. Im doing 3.5 miles + now and feeling good at the end of it, so it just goes to show what perseverance does for you.
you would be suprised how unfit you might be, back in october i thought i was pretty fit, i went down the gym twice a week and did kung fu twice a week ... then in Januray my old man started getting me running/jogging ... bearing in mind he is 40 somthing, over weight and has bad knees by thje end of a 5 mile run he was still ready for more and i was blowing out my ass.

How oftern are you running, what sort of routine are you folloeing? are you smoking? and simial generic questions.
Yeah, it's all important - i jacked smoking in and you do notice the difference - so if you do smoke the trick is to stop!

And drinking too. You don't have to stop, but cutting down certainly makes a big difference to you. I'll go out maybe twice a week (friday/saturday) and the rest of the week i won't drink hardly any. Again, i noticed a difference in how i was feeling and what i was pulling off vis a vis fitness.
Im usually taking a route of paved road and about 1/2 mile of uneven dirt, I dont smoke or drink exept saturday (dont get drunk though) and im eating 5 fruit and veg a day.
I'm lucky enough to be living on Salisbury Plain, and so have some varied (ish) terrain about. My current (ever expanding!) route takes me along some main road, up a hill, down a hill (on a lesser road) then back along main road, then a track for a bout a mile, which includes another uphill bit.

Varied route to work max muscles in the legs. Eat plenty of meat. ;)
Find a route that is 1.5 miles long.

Walk it and time yourself. Record your time.

Walk it the next day but push a little repeat a little harder.

Repeat. Miss a day every 3 or 4 days.

Go swimming instead every so often.

Eat properly. Give up smoking.

Once you can walk the 1.5 miles at a fast pace, try jogging for 2-5 minutes and then walk for 2-5 minutes.

Keep driving down the time and you will be fit pretty soon.

Commitment... keep doing it!

I'm clawing my way back to fitness and have documented the results here:
Feel free to join in - others have and we try to motivate each other.

If you are having tight chest pains I would suggest you see your GP and have a check up before doing more than brisk walking - you could be in danger of heart attack - it can strike at all ages.

Right, off for a jog.
Also, build in some interval training (alternative walk - jog -run), buy some cheap weights (one and half to two kilo will do - don't bother with the heavy stuff) from Argos, plus some stretch, aerobic and floor work. Make it all varied but keep at it. And work within sensible limits, you are not competing for anything.
All the advice above is sound but just to put my tuppenceworth in. After I finished my trade training , many moons ago, I was fitter than I had ever been.I suddenly found myself unable to run the length of myself.A few blood tests later it turned out I was anaemic. Seeing your doctor before starting an exercise schedule is a good idea. Sometimes there may be something wrong that isn't down to being unfit.
All the above is great advice. You might also want to have a look here If you live near one try them out.

Now i had my free class yesterday and i thought i was pretty fit well i can now say im not lol i'm feeling it today as well. They will help you along to and also push you but i found you push yourself more due to the rest of the people there. I signed up today so did a friend.

Its up to. You've just got to have the drive to go and get wet and cold etc..
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