Running and Exercise

Okay so the New Years Resolutions are made and I am looking to leave this mans Army a bit fitter and lighter. I throw myself on the knowledge of all you Greek Adonis PTI Types.


1. Running. Currently doing 11 miles a day in four runs, house to train station , train station to work and return. May seem like a silly question but do four runs equalling 11 miles do the same as one run of 11 miles. Its not a maths quiz I am concerned that all I may be doing is burning sugar levels not really boosting fitness levels.

Would I be better doing one long run at lunch?

2. Exercise. Will 10 x 10 Press Ups throughout the day have the same effect as 100 press ups during a workout?

I will be varying the training programme and already watching calorie intake however arriving at work after 5.5 miles and a hot shower sets me up for the day. Is it doing my fitness levels any good though :?

Your thoughts please.

Running 2x 5.5 miles is not the same running 11 miles, but do not discount it, its still great phys.

Same with pressups, doing them at different times allows for recovery between sets.

Vary your distances and vary your intensity and you'll be all good.

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