Running again

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by wana_b_sapper, Jul 6, 2008.

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  1. Hey,

    ok, to date i am running 1.5mile every 2 days

    monday wed thursday (weekend rest days)

    i do maybe 35-45 press-ups with feet on a couch (so i do them at an incline) almost every night

    My 1.5 mile time varies beteen 13.5 mins to 15mins

    without must slagging off could you please give advice how to make my run time decrease and give any general advice how to pass a selection weekend for the Royal Engineers!

    Thanks Tim
  2. The fact that you're doing the physical prep in your own time and in a sensible manner; coupled to the fact that you're asking questions; and the fact that you want to join a jolly decent part of the Army suggests to me that you're doing just fine as it is!

    Good luck.

    (I know this isn't what you were after: someone will along soon to give you chapter and verse...)
  3. Do three miles instead. After four - five weeks start to do five miles for one of the runs. In time you'll end up doing five miles for the majority of your runs.. Then you can do a 1.5 mile "best effort" just once a week. I found circuit training ramped up my fitness very quickly. Odds are your local authority leisure centre run a session once a week. It's just running round in circles mixed with press ups, sit ups, star jumps etc. but it gets you into the idea of really pushing yourself.

    There's also lot's of this to look at if you've got the energy left to think anything other than "I'm dying...."

  4. I agree with ex-stab
  5. Deffinatly increase the distance.
  6. 13-15 minutes running every other day is utterly useless as preparation for selection, I doubt if you even work up a sweat. It'll oil the joints, nothing more.

    Here's what to do: Run a little often, i.e. 15 minutes every day. EVERY day. Then gradually increase your Wednesday and Sunday runs to 30 minutes keeping all other days to 15 minutes. When you are ready start increasing these shorter runs and increase your Wednesday and Sunday runs further. Every second week have a go at a 1.5 mile best effort, record your time and compare it with previous efforts.

    The secret is a little often as opposed to a lot infrequently. The above is progressive training and works in all sports, the only way you can fail is by not doing it and being lazy. That's where you come in. Good luck.
  7. I brought my time down absolutely loads by doing shuttle sprints just once a week. Head to a local football pitch and sprint from one touch line to the other. Wait 15seconds and then sprint back. Do this until you have covered 25lengths of the pitch. If you do this just once a week then your body has covered the mile and a half whilst sprinting anaerobically, this improves the muscle stamina immensely.
  8. I've found it best not to do 1.5 mile runs every other day. Because your obviously trying to beat your previous best score, and chances are you'll find that hard to do every 2 days!

    The best thing to do would be to try running continuously for a set time. Then on another day do some fartlek/shuttles for a set amount of time of run and rest and test yourself every 2 weeks.

    Doing speed play(fartlek) really brings your fitness up. You need to continuously increase your goals to, such as continuous run time, 1.5 mile run time, shuttle amounts etc.

    This is what i'm doing and it's working really well.
  9. The important thing with running is your breathing. Do not lean forward with your head downwards to your chest, you will cut your air supply by 20%. Just try it now and note the difference.

    Keep you head upright and breath through your mouth and not your nose.
  10. Great advice. Try hill sprints too. Once a week is enough. Same format as footbal pitch but sprint as fast as you can up a hill for 50m, jog slowly back, then do it again. Do 5 to start off with and increase the number of reps slowly, say add 2 reps a week. Then start gradually increasing the distance too. Once you've cracked hill running, running on the flat will be a doddle.
  11. A really good one is to mark out 20 metres, and see how many sprints you can do in 1 minute. Take one minute rest, and then try to beat that score. Do that for 5 minutes. Tot up your score at the end and each time you do it you try to beat your score, so your constantly improving.

    I got that from Tim Henman, who would of thought! :p
  12. As someone who is trying to get back to a reasonable level of fitness I can agree with the circuit training. I joined the local gym and signed up for a few classes thinking they would be a load of ballax. After I left crying from the first session of "Body Pump" complete with a hard on my mind was changed. Now I try body pump twice a week as its good for toning and letching at young fit birds, added to this general CV training adding length to the runs along with some high intensity. Its worked, lost 1.5 stone and can now pass an old BFT (use this as a measure).
  13. hey,

    thank you lads for the great advice,

    one thing, do you think i should find a route thats say 3 mile long and just start running that? until i can do it with ease?

    Or should i stick with 1.5mile the now until i can do it no problems at all and then do say 2 miles then 3?

    If i was to do the 3 mile one, what is a good time to be doing it in?

    Would being able to run 3 mile help bring my 1.5mile time to 11mins?