Running advice please

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by XkazX, Apr 25, 2010.

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  1. Hi dont know if this is in the right forum but i will give it a go .......
    decided to take up jogging/running what is the best way to start (go on get the jokes out of the way)
    Is it best to run then walk or walk then run? Never done it seriously before. Doing the race for life in july as an incentive for further things
    Thanks x
  2. Couch to 5k

    Try that clicky linky for starters.

    Many people seem to give that programme some good feedback, and the main points you get from it are sound - You want to be looking at how much time you spend running in minutes before you think about distances, and increase the time spent running slowly (especially at the beginning to avoid injuries like shin splints).

    Best tip - Good running shoes. Go get fitted at a proper running shop, if possible.
  3. Well, other than ensuring that you are medically fit, I would recommend you go to a specialist running shop to be fitted with decent trainers. As an example, Alexander Sports in Portsmouth will put you on a treadmill to assess your gait, and then recommend trainers depending on how many miles you plan to run a week, the type of surface you intend to run on, and your weight.
  4. perfect advice!!!! coming from a running family and a number of years personal training in civi street i couldnt advise better!!! this should be everyones starting point

    an educated answer on the internet is a relief
  5. As mentioned above, decent trainers. Slowly build it up. Eat properly and drink lots of water. Loads of good advice here.
  6. thank you all very much for your kind advice got the trainers sorted(fitted etc..asics)
    1st outing is tommorow(tues) i'm going to try the couch to 5k as followed by the link.
    I shall let you know how i do x
    Karen x
  7. How is the running going?

    You have been quiet for a couple of days. Hopefully it hasn't knackered you that much :D

    Asics are a decent trainer too.
  8. hiya thanks for the concern just been busy with work etc ........... 1st time out was horrid felt sick as a dog ! 2nd and 3rd time more of a power walk ?? what's the best time to eat before or after just keep feeling sick ................... god i sound like a retard :-(
    Still trying very hard though and the trainers are marvelous x
  9. Oh and ps : currently running/walking on the longendale trail it's close to home fairly flat don't feel confident or fit enough to try uphill yet x
  10. You don't want to be eating too much before you run, but make sure you've had a good meal with lots of carbs fairly recently (i.e at lunch for an evening run, the night before for an early morning run) and perhaps a banana or some toast a while before the run. Eating just before exercise will make you feel sick but running with no fuel in the tank isn't a barrel of laughs either.

    Keep going! I loved doing some of the Race for Life events, such a good atmosphere.
  11. Thank you i'm still at it and i have to say i'm loving it x
  12. If you can afford it (after splashing out on new trainers) I would recommend a heart rate monitor.

    A common mistake is people running too fast initially and unable to maintain pace. Buying something that will allow you to remain in your aerobic zone (or below) will do wonders for your endurance.
  13. Agreed

    I'm personally a fan of the forerunner series by garmin.

    I got a used 305 for £90 off fleabay, which is worth the money. Wouldn't mind the 310xt, but £230 or so, I'll pass for now.
  14. You need stop running an hour 5 days in a row. You are going to end up hurting yourself sooner than later. You need to include weight training into your workout 2-3 times a week and run for like 30 minutes instead. You are going to ruin your knees, ankles, etc....something.
  15. Decent trainers, go to a running shop to make sure you get the right ones for your gait, some decent socks, and a heart rate monitor (I use a sunnto tc15) which shows you your heart rate as a percentage. Start by keeping it in the 60-70% range for about a half an hour at a time then increase it as you feel your fitness improving.