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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by adam123, Nov 24, 2008.

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  1. been doing alot of running to improve my fitness ahead of basic training in january, however during running i'm having to stop not because i'm knackerd but because of calf pain. Can anyone recommend any exercises or running tips,? any advice much be much appriciated. cheers
  2. If you have a pain in your calf bad enough to make you stop I would suggest that you have a problem, and you should see a quack about it. Do you warm up before running? If not perhaps you should try that. Dont stretch before you run (only do that after exercise) as your muscles are cold and you could damage them.
    Tip for running, keep going! Use an iPod or something if you find it too boring.
  3. don't warm up but i do stetch, when pain has set in if i stretch pain it hurts, if i lift my heel up ie. contract calf the aliviates pain until i start running again.
  4. Sounds like you have what I had: Shin Splints.
    Theres no point going to the doctors as they will say take painkillers and elivate your leg.
    It took me 5 months of gradually increasing my running amount for the the pain to stop. It still hurts when you run during this time but i just gritted my teeth and ran anyway. However this can cause stress fractures so if it is becoming unbearable then stop.
    Did you increase your training dramatically?
  5. Go to a sports therapist or osteopath. I had that and it turns out it was because I'd built my calf muscle up too quickly without properly stretching it. It was causing the top of my foot to pinch the cartelidge in my ankle, which was swelling and giving me calf pain. They can probably give you some exercises/massages to do on your legs that'll do a lot of good.

    Until then, don't just try and run through the pain as you'll make it worse.
  6. Also go get your gait analysed at a specialist running shop. They can also recommend running shoes that are SUITABLE for YOU.
  7. ^Agreed. I did that, and have to say running in shoes built for the job is awesome. No more shin splints YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.
  8. You may have also strained your achilles. Stand on a step on the balls of your feet/toe crease and drop your heels over until you get a nice stretch. Do this daily for a few minutes, it helps maintain flexibility.
  9. Try and run on grass and don't increase your milage by more then 10% a week.

    Do dynamic stretching before, stretch afterwards with static stuff but try and do calf raises and stretches off a step as well as the opposite direction (point toes to the floor and point to the ceiling with the hill stationary, planted to the floor).