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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by threesend, Jan 26, 2011.

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  1. As a PSI at a TA Center, i regularly run ranges for them. I have been asked to conduct a range with the TA and some air cadets who share our building.....

    im not CRB checked...

    the question is - can i run the range with adult TA soldiers and cadets?
  2. Red book says yes if the adults instructors are present.

    However, cadets cannot shoot at human targets. Lots of rules but they are all laid out in the red book the cadets in question will be able to provide it for your reference.

    They will most likely have risk assessments etc... For the eventuality of training with regulars or TA
  3. I'm in the CCF and when we very occasionally go on range days we shoot at 'human' targets. As in the ones depicting a charging enemy with a bayonet on his rifle. Although I have previously heard that we're not meant to be shooting at these type targets.
  4. Although it does happen it's not suppose to. Without knowing what the standpoint or flexibility of the unit in question it would be in the ops interest to assume they will follow the rules.
  5. I will give you a shiny penny if you can find this rule in JSP535
  6. too be honest im thinking of mugging them off totally as there boss is a right tosser, its not that i dont like him, he is such an arrogant basterd.
  7. "what you choose to see in the fogure 11 target is entirely up to you, it is simply a mask of random shapes whilst you should be aiming for the White square"
  8. Why not shoot him then and save someone else the trouble?
  9. It's not in JSP535 from knowledge but a directive from land non the less. Something to do with the EU and teaching kids to shoot people. Im not a member of the acf however I'm sure someone will enlighten us shortly.
  10. i would imagine they acnnot shoot at human targets incase some walks onto the range who is identical to one , and as there just cadets they wont be able to tell ?

    ( ill get my coat )
  11. The solution is to get the fig 11 and cut the legs off, discard the top part and paste the legs bit over the fig 11 target.

    Thus, two lots of legs to make the Fig 11 size with the corect white patch for aiming.
  12. Not entirly correct - where ever possible, Cadet Fig 11's or 12's should be used, however there non-availability should not prevent cadets shooting.

    Also, for whatever reason the ACO do not follow JSP535. If you want any specific advice feel free to PM me and I'll try to help.