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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by barbarasson, May 27, 2006.

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  1. Calling all OCs and CCF officers.

    I have recently got command of a run-down Army Section which has had no functioning Army officers for some time. My cadets (from age 13) have not done qualifications for years, I have only 2 seniors who have done leadership courses and we have woefully little uniform, kit etc. Moreover we have only one female officer in the contingent, so it is difficult to jack up exercises for female cover.

    However, as a Group A officer, and hopefully being a provider of solutions and not problems I have put some stick about. However, one of the moves I have made is unpopular. I have simply selected the best (general characteristics/reliability) cadets and promoted them irrespective of age and school years. This is annoying some long-serving (but useless) cadets, and the other OCs. I have put a ban on 'instant promotion' from September, but I felt I needed a rank structure in the unit that would enable us to get training, and provide me with NCOs I could rely on. Does anyone have any similar experiences or general advice, as this is quite a new environment to me? Thanks.
  2. firstly i'm not an officer but i am CCF so i might be able to help.

    i'd get some extra training nights going for your NCOs and senior cadets bassically make sure that they are good cadets, ensist on their turnout/drills/everything being good as an example to the others. Don't get them to teach subjects they can't or won't do well as their bad knowledge will be passed down onto the other cadets.
  3. Questions to ask are:

    Have your cadets done a MOI cadre, your CTT will help in this if you havent. When was the last time the CTT was down doing some training? If they havent been seen in a while, make some official noises, that what they are there for

    Do you have a best cadet competition? Get the cadets themselves to nominate who they think is a very good cadet, buy a trophy, present it.

    Your CCF manual tells you what your rank structure should be for the number of cadets you have, make all cadets aware of this, and they will stop the bad feeling of you not handing out chevrons just because they are particular age group.

    You have to run an NCO cadre, the MOI cadre is only the first step, why not have a mini military skills competetion, see who should be an NCO and who shouldnt.

    Get the cadets out and about, get them on TA Excercies, shooting comps, fire power demos, all that good stuff how many adults do you have? How much back up are you getting from the Contingent Commander?

    PM me if you need anything more
  4. did a jnco leadership cadre, having a best recruit competition. Ran a rather fun patrolling ex (with help of a generous loan of CWS from a local TA unit) MOI is ongoing. I always saw this as a building year, I really want to get my system in place. I am struggling, but I think succeeding, to get a sort of atmosphere going. Re ranks, I am just building up a company structure, with my 2Lt running a sort of special events (competition teams etc) training wing.

    Luckily I had a good intake this year. The problem here is that I have new cadets who already know a lot more than some experienced cadets. Good for the future, but incongruous now. Hopefully next year I can get some decent kids too. Also, not that it is necessarily a problem, but my top five new cadets are girls. This might cause ructions when I start looking at LCpl promotions next year. Fortunately in terms of fairness, we already have our selection event penned in for after the APC tests.

    I have one other adult (2Lt but still pre-Frimley) who is helpful but, no fault of his, knows (pretty much) nothing. Contingent commander is RN. He is ok, but bit too keen on making speeches and having parades.

    My CTT sergeant is, IMHO, certifiable, and not safe around cadets. He is very hard on the kids re turnout etc (they are trying, we are seeing a big improvement and they are getting very competitive about best recruit comp), and is a real tick tock. Conversely he is very big on not calling me sir and saluting [not being an arrse about this, but if we are trying to get kids used to 'playing the game' he should too]. also he has a habit of not turning up at will, and besides that we have been told that ctt support is not available for regular training. I prefer him not being around.

    My current ME is smashing the RAF in the the crappy inter-section competitions we have to do. That aim seems to be building morale, though as only half the size it is a struggle. I have 2 upper 6th next year, the RAF have 16!
  5. Lets first square your CTT Sgt, he wont call you sir as long as your arrse points downwards, in his eyes, your not a real officer, and he will call you by your first name, I agree, this will turn you pear shaped, and you will jump up and down, but you wont get any change, they (CTT) are all the same, I worked in a CTT when I was a Sgt so, I talk from expereince, they let every one know they are NOT cadet adult intructors but regular soldiers, and see the cadet forces as a hobby for you you, so, its not real in thier eyes. But keep him away from normal activites, you run the show, not him.

    BUT, if you have real concerns, talk to his OC, if his OC is a non starter, SO2 Cadets at Bde is the next man in the chain. Nothing like a quick memo in the post to SO2 Cadets to stir things up.

    Next time you see the Bde Comd, and he asks you hows it all going, tell him too.

    The CTT's are meant to be a real job and there to help YOU, not a swan for them.

    Cadets: The good thing about more girls is, they get more girls to join, who in turn, make boys join, suddenly, you have a female adult issue, thats something you will have to work on, you didnt say if your a teacher in that school, ask around for volunteers, lay on a unit at home day, have an adult recruiting presentaion too. You may be lucky.

    But all is not lost, speak to your local ACF unit, even if you think they are pretty crap, the adults will be CRB cleared and possibly Frimley trained, so, if you need adults, thats where to get them from, appraoch the CEO of the county you are in, and see what comes of it.

    Im not a teacher, I spent 2 years in an ACF unit, now with a CCF at a state school, Im pretty much up to speed on cadets in general, if you need more let me know.

    As far as kit is concerned go to this link, wave it under the Contigent Commanders nose and get your kit that you need.
  6. thanks for the link.

    The CTT sergeant does need sorting. I will go for with coffee first. With reference to your points I think he does regard himself as something of an oracle, and the only 'proper soldier' on the ground when he is around, and perhaps more importantly, he regards himself as having the only opinions worth listening to. Another unannounced absense at our last parade was annoying, but I will speak to him personally before I refer it anywhere, even to the contingent commander, serve to lead and all that. I would like a nice relexed professional relationship, but he is making it hard.

    The strange thing is that his major problem is that he doesn't seem to realise that we are a uniformed youth organisation, and treats the kids like they are on Junior leaders, but then is totally non-regimental with the CoC. My saluting point is not ego massage, as teacher and a TA officer I get called sir enough for anyone I would imagine. [To be honest I regard CCF officers as hobby-ists, but essential people doing a good job. However, that isn't the point] I salute my contingent commander. Anyhow, I do not wear CCF rank (I don't hold a CCF commission), but one that I have earned through years of service, and if he behaved like that when there weren't kids around he would get pretty short shrift.

    Re the girls/female issue. In our school we have 1 female teacher under 35, and she has been snaffled by scouts. As a contingent we are lucky to have both a RN and RAF female officer, but their first calls are obviously to their sections, and they are not the most 'outdoorsy' of women. I fear the school might get funny about letting their darlings (on the whole ghastly pampered oiks with too much money and no sense) get too pally with the ACF, but I think it is worth looking at. We are using all sorts of expedients at the moment, all of which are fine as elastoplast but preclude real long-term planning.

    I may well go bald with all this head scratching, thanks for the advice.