Running a business while serving

I understand that if you want to work outside of working hours (ie truck driving, security jobs etc) you have to ask the CO's permission.

I am thinking about setting up a photography business when i get posted back to the UK.
It will be all in my own time etc etc.
I will be going to functions and peoples houses etc as opposed to using my quarter.

anyone know the rules, tips etc? (or a JSP to look in)
I am not out for another 6-7 yrs so its a long term thing, and in my eyes its resettlement for me!

I would be set up as a 'sole trader' as opposed to a ltd company.

hi, sole trader is the easiest option, self employment forms are a nightmare, so get a good acountant,it will cost about £400, but you will get your money back on the fiddles! good luck

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