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I know, I know. Another running thread but what I'm after is specific advice/help for running 10K which I've agreed to do for charity.

To elaborate, I normally run 2.5 - 3K five times a week using the same route and am utterly shocked at how much my body has grown used to the routine.

Very naively assumed it would be a piece of cake to up it to 10 but tried it this afternoon and the internal dialogue went..

2.5K Piece of pi$$

3.0K Could do this in my sleep

3.5K 's'funny, my thighs are burning

4.0K I appear to be breathing out of my arrse

Any tips from anyone who has run one? I suspect it's just a case of practice and I have until the 24th June but anything that will help would be much appreciated.
I suspect that you were trying to run the 10k at the same pace as you would normally run your 2.5-3k.

Try taking it a bit easier until you are used to running for longer than 15 minutes at a time.

You need to slow your pace down 60. I take it you run your normal 2.5 to 3Km at about 80/90% of your limit? If so, then you need to be running your 10 km at about 60% your limit and don't go straight into the 10k run, build it up over a week or so.

Best of luck.
Try to measure out another coarse of about 5k incorparating any small hill's etc in the area.
Then run this every other day at a slower pace than your usual 3k run's.

Over the following week's try to increase distance & speed upto 5k & increasing each week after that by a k until you are up to the 10k (2 laps of your coarse)

The increase just needs to be gradual but you will eventualy find the 10k easy enough


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Thanks guys (and girl).

I was indeed using the same pace I use normally. Will work on reducing my speed over the next couple of weeks and increasing distance.

Thanks again.
I've done 3 10k races now. I never run 10k in training, the most is about 8 and i only do that once a week. You will find come race day that you get dragged along with everyone else and will run much faster than normal anyhow. I'd never done 10k before my first race and i managed to finish in 58 mins.

I did the Sheffield Childrens Hospital 10k on sunday. It was so hot i honestly thought i was going to die!! Take on water whenever you can - they always give it to you in stupid plastic cups that are almost impossible to drink out of if you keep running.
PM me mate if you need loads of tips, ran about 50+ 10k's and usually clock 38-41 mins. I'm not a club runner or anything I just go out and do my own thing from years of experience.
You have loads of time to train for a 10K run..

If you are only running 2.5- 3 Ks at the moment then up it to a 5 Km route next week, 6K the week after etc etc, you might need to do a 2 week stint on around 8K...

Seriously its not a big step forward and you will find you can do it quite easily.

Dont worry too much about your pace either that will come with improved fitness levels..

Train for around the 12 -15 Km mark in order to achieve a good 10K pace. During the week, lets say on a wednesday of each week do a fartlek/interval session of around 5 K's.

Need any more details PM me..

Good Luck.

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