Running 10 x 10KM for The Royal British Legion

Dear All

I hope I can depend on your generosity to sponsor me to run 10 x 10KM for the legion. I am also running another 5K for them in september - no, no plans to run 105KM in a oner though! :D

Obviously a great charity, so please sponsor me. The first race is on the 1st July and the races I have selected go through to october. So here's hoping I stay injury free!

I am trying to bully my brother and /or my other half to join me for some of them!

Thank you in advance

thought I would give a little race report for my first 10K....Yesterday near Newmarket.

The weather was kind, not too hot and not too wet! Which was a bonus as apparently last year it was 32 degrees.

I started right at the back (knew I would be slow compared to all these uber fit people around me!)...and yes I was! Bloodyhell was not expecting all the hills! I knew of one in the last mile but jesus there were about 5 before that one!

So anyway it took me 68 mins, slower than I had hoped but the hills got me I'm afraid!

So, 9 more races to go..... 8O
Well time for race report....

The Abbey 10K (Ramsey, Cambs)

Weather: Lovely and sunny - didn't think the sun was lovely when I was boiling!

Route: Mixture of road, concrete, grass drove and horrible rubbly bit! But oh so lovely and flat!

My better half decided to enter this morning, which was lovely because it was to support me (he did the whole thing with me) but then he could do it in 40ish mins so I kept thinking 'god just go and get your time!'....anyhoo it was good in that he was updating me on pace etc etc when quite frankly I was too hot to bother!

The delightful flat fens, blowing a gale when you don't want and not a sniff of a breeze when you want to cool down!

I have to say I think psychologically I struggled today, by 4km I felt like poo and by 8km by legs felt like lead! Anyway time (not official) was 66.15.

two weeks til next race now which is a relief! 8 to St Ives (Cambs) 10K :D
Today's race report:

Dairy Crest 10KM - St Ives Cambs.

Weather: Sunny intervals, cloudy - NO RAIN!!!

Well today was great! But firstly it starts with last night...a friend rang so I went out - hadn't eaten but hit the vodka and tonics. I was very good though and although was drinking vodka - I didn't go mad! It was then a chicken burger and chips at 0100 this am and bed at 0200!

So I kind of thought I was in for a bad day! The atmosphere was great, loads of runners - about 500 I think. We set off, I was near the back but didn't go right at the back this time. I was very careful not to go too mad at the beginning so had a nice pace going, overtaking a few. We then had a small incline followed by a nice slope down then up onto RAF Wyton's airfield.

On the airfield it was nice and breezy, bit of a headwind on one taxiway - but this being an out and back route meant it was then behind you later! At this point, te uber elite runners were on their way back and I hadn't reached 5K yet!
But soon got round the airfield then back again.

The marshalls were great - mostly air cadets but bless them they really encouraged everyone and the water sations were very welcome. The last KM I really pushed myself and my breathing was hard - I came in at 64.25 - 2 and a half minutes off the last 10KM!! Woohoo! :D

Am back from race isn't until the August bank me time to shift any post-holiday wobble!
:x Having small temporary disaster! Have got the beginnings of a 'shinsplint' so am resting up.

Has kind of messed up my timetable, but I shall just have to do other races later on, bum. :roll:
Well it's been a while.....

I have been injured then have been poorly on and off for months (now being investigated). So while the docs do their bit i.e. sort me out, I'm going to try and get back to running.

I think since september I have run on about 5 occasions - so completely out of shape but....I am doing Ely 10K on new years eve - I could however, be coming in once they've all gone home! But hey, I've been sponsored to do 10 races and 10 races I shall do - even if it kills me - which you never know it just might!

So watch this space....
Well I did it....with yet another cold! Was freezing but flat and a fab atmosphere.

Did it in 67.12 - not great but not bad considering was ill!

Next one is on 13th Jan - cross country, sounds like a mudbath!

4 down, 6 to go!
Blimey - am truly gobsmacked by your generosity Armchair - or shall I call you Jihad?!?! Thank you so much - as you know it's all for a good cause! Thanks again.

Update: Didn't do the race on sunday as guess what? Was ill.....god I need summer to come along!

Anyhoo have got lots of 10Ks to choose from now as the season picks up and will choose on the day I think as illness is still trying to get me yet am still undefeated :rambo: :twisted:
Just tried to donate but I got this message:

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Was never going to sponsor myself so there you go Julie..

Well done and hope you get out of this what you are after..

ThamesMeander2008 said:
Was never going to sponsor myself so there you go Julie..

Well done and hope you get out of this what you are after..

Bunged you both a small donation.
Thanks very much chris..
Thanks Chris & Tony for your kind donations.

Tony - re whatever I want to get out of this....
I want to raise funds for a charity that I have believed in since I was a teenager and was a space cadet! Both my grandads were true war heros and I grew up in awe of them. I am also a nurse and have looked after many amazing elderly folk who did such amazing feats in both world wars.

Now I find myself living with a bloke in the forces who is hardly here and often in god awful places - then I get scared that one day I might need the RBL's help....that answer your question?!?! :D

I haven't done well in this challenge, in that I keep getting ill so missing races! But I swear that all 10 will be completed - because I see footage of Iraq/Afghanistan and injured soldiers and it makes me go on....and on...and on....

I'll shut up now!
Well done and good luck. The link works for me now so I made a small donation.

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