runnig routes in orlando

Discussion in 'US' started by medic000, Jul 25, 2009.

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  1. hi guys,

    just a short one but is there anybody out there who could recomened running routes in the kissime area of orlando. Also what is the score on road running in the us or is it strictly kept to parks and gardens? The GF wants to run around disney world?? not to sure if this is possible. Thankyou in advance for any advice. :D
  2. Not out there but have ran each time I visited.We usually run around the roads,down the US192 or somewhere,didn't see any parks or gardens as we would know them.As it is so hot we only do about 3-4 miles.
    The chances of running around Disney are zero,the place is so crowded some days you struggle to walk around it.

  3. Like that,unfortunately can't afford to go again just to try a route out.
  4. cheers all

    5 days to go. will let you know how it goes. once again thanks.
  5. Yeah, thanks for that,just rub it in that you're going to Florida and we're not. :roll:

    Get to the outlet shops and buy your running vests/kit,Nike shop down the US 192 from Poinciana Bld,on the 192 past the Old Town and Buena Vista etc.

    Have a good one.
  6. As they have plenty of space, there are usually wide paths alongside all the urban roads (called "pavements" by the Yanks, just to confuse matters!). Jaywalking is frowned upon; obey the pedestrian lights.

    I found it far too hot and humid in early August for any decent running except at dawn! Take water with you.

  7. Do yourself a favor and don't. Is far to hot and humid, chance are you will wind up in the ER either becasue you were hit by a car or truck or from heat exhaustion.

    Just find one of those posh gyms with a widescreen TV and treadmill.
  8. Aaah,don't spoil it,I wouldn't miss my almost daily run while on hoilday for anything.
    We usually run about 8 am or if I want to get a suntan around 5pm.It really isn't that bad as long as you take fluids and stay on the pavements.
  9. I tend to drive very slowly next to your kind in my climate controlled diesel powered truck spewing black clouds in your general direction laughing as you try and catch your breath.

  10. So that was you was it?Tw@t, I looked like a chimney sweep when I got back. :)
  11. I have run in Kissimee down a dead straight road, for about two miles before turning around, a passing pick up truck with a chap inside wearing a Stetson said to me in a Texan kind or drawl," Hey boi you need a ride"?
    I replied " no thanks i'm from England"!
    The look on his face was price less, it was really too hot and i did'nt do it again, i did not want to be made to squeal like a piggy.
    Stay indoors do your girlfriend instead.

  12. hi all

    Cheers for the extra advice. Was a bit confused with the jaywalking issue mainly the reason for this thread. But the advice on outlet stores has been taken on. The acclimatisation issue is no biggy as my current post is in the med so more than used to it!!

    Now all i need to do is keep clear of truck driving stetson wearing texan's and i will be home free. keep safe guys :D . Thankyou.
  13. Bit like avoiding a muslim in Iraq...good luck with that one. Hopefully you don't wind up like the possum I hit this morning on my way to work....
  14. Since when did all-male lapdancing bars open in the morning? :D