Runners Trots

Does anyone know a good method for dealing with the runners trots.

I am just getting back into running after a small break and her indoors is sick and tired of me leaving the house complete with socks and coming back minus the socks. Whilst you can get a damned good wipe with them, I think she would appreciate it even less if I came home with my sweaty, poo stained socks ready for the wash!!!!

Does any one else suffer this terrible affliction and if so how do you deal with it? It is costing me a fortune in socks.
Once knew a lady who ahd the same problem. We were i Kosovo together and would go running outside the wire down to the old power station slag heap. The return leg would see us running through some fields of sunflowers. Right on time she'd have to crimp one of. Most disturbed the first time it happen, but I got used to it.

I now sort of like it. Glass coffee table anyone?

This is quite common amongst runners although I have never suffered from it myself even though I am currently training for the London Marathon ( quick plug )

Best course of action is immodium, or change your diet, milk on cereal seems to cause most problems
I too have been known to suffer from the trots when running.
Sadly I have found that the solution is not to drink your own body weight in Guinness the night before.

Failing that immodium
Try a colostomy bag :lol: ,And paula Radcliffe did win that race as it was the London marathon last year.
You could try not running. It's always worked for me!

Although I am too fat to get off the bog at all now. :oops:

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