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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by BlackRoseImmortal, May 27, 2008.

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  1. Did not find much about this on the search function. Has anybody experienced this and what did you find was the best ways to fixing it? I have been trying to do some strength exercises of the quad muscles, particually the one that stabalizes the knee. I do one where I place a barbell with small weights on my feet, while straight legged and sitting the edge of a chair, and raise them parallel to the floor. Anybody got any tips to help me out>?

  2. I used to get kneev pain when I was really into running and found taking glucosmaine tablets and stengthen the musloecs arond the knee avilivated it.
  3. Glucosamine is menat to help the cartilage in your knee I think, but the jury is out as to its effectiveness when taken as an oral supplement. Worth a shot though.

    It could be any one of a number of muscles/ligaments/meniscii/cartilages so go see a physio to get the problem identified. The physio will give you some exercises to deal with it anyway.
  4. Im not sure if its runners knee i get but after a particular tough run for a day or so afterwards at the bottom of me knee i get a slight ache?
  5. new trainers may help too.
  6. I too suffered from symptoms similar to runners knee. I found a running shop near home that put you on a tredmill and filmed your gait cycle whilst running. They then slowed the footage down to assess what type of running shoes best suited me. I bought the ones they suggested, and am happy to say that I have'nt even had twinge in that knee since, so it could be something as basic as changing your running shoes?!
  7. Is it on the outside of the knee at the bottom? It feels like an 'out of body' experience

    I had that and took a week off before it got any worse and have been doing more squats (both full range weighted and unweighted) to try and build some tendon strength.
    When I used to squat and run a lot I never got it, but since I have been running without any strength work it has crept up on me.

    edit- oh yeah, lots of stretching as well. That was my down fall
  8. Best advice, my knee probs stemmed from my back!
    Extra muscle helps, and is a good idea but will not solve the problem.
    As Ian says STRETCHING is the answer, like him I ignored it, like him I paid.
    You want info PM me.
  9. Strech, strengthen and crosstrain.
  10. look into ITBS and cures for that... but pretty much stretching is the only way to mag to grid... believe me I suffered agony from this for 4 weeks, and the only way to get through the days was to stop and stretch it off. That and Tylex!!!
  11. ITBS is different to runners knee. Streches for ITBS strech the outside of the knee, runners knee is felt behind the kneecap and on it. ITBS streches may help the pain but won't be as effective as ones specific to runners knee.