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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by lemonkettaz, Apr 12, 2010.

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  1. Has anyone here ever had this? I've been running alot in the last few months and in the last week have developed a weird pain on my left knee cap... It doesnt affect me at all unless I run and then since I noticed it I have at 3runs and 1 of them I didn't feel it, but tonight I did....

    Should I just run through it or give the running a rest for a bit.

    It could of been from the gym, as I've started gym training in the last 2 weeks and ever since I did a leg session (squats, leg extensions etc) It's started, maybe I did something wrong, who knows. Just wondering if anyone has had this issue?

  2. I've had ITB issues before, not entirely sure where in my training I initially caused it though. Just noticed it getting worse over a matter of weeks. There wasn't really much I could do other than to just ease of the training for a bit until the pain had gone and then just leg strenthening exercises once it was feeling better.

    If I remember rightly I was also told to take ibuprofen or similar to help with any inflamation. Best bet is head to your GP's to get it properly checked! Mine happened about 8 weeks before I went to phase 1 and had no issues once I was there!
  3. Patella Infra Bursitis is the other common cause. The only real way of solving it is to rest for a month or so until there is literally no pain, and then start training again. If you start when there's the slightest niggle it will flair straight back up to max strength immediately.
  4. Once your Quack gives the ok to start training again ease into it by running in the swimming pool, lessens impact and the extra resistance builds the strength side. You look a daft sod but it works.
  5. Crap...

    I can't feel it unless I run, like I can walk jump fall over run up stairs down stairs without any issue, but I know If I go for a run I get to 3mile and it may or may not come on.

    I'm going to rest for a week or so and see what happens then...

    I've only noticed it since doing a leg routine at the gym... Think I should lower the weight for leg extensions and do them for a few sessions and cycle instead of running for a while then?

    It hasn't swollen up or anything so don't need ice pack, I can only feel it if I press down hard on the right side of my left knee cap.
  6. Try doing a search for knee problems, this crops up regularly and there are several threads dedicated to it.
    I had/have this, dedicated stretching is the best answer, and I bet you don't pay much attention to it.
    Not just the knee but the whole body and related parts. when the knee hurts it is rarely the knee alone, mine stems largely from my back but the knee pays the price as a shock absorber.
    Google stretching, or ask a gym monitor, oesteopath or do what I do and go to yoga. (lots of flexible fitties).
    Good luck
  7. You mention you're doing leg weights. Are you doing hamstring strengthening as well as leg extensions, because if you don't the muscular imbalance can cause knee-pain. It's an easy fix, if you think you don't have a trauma injury, or over-use damage try leg curls for a few sessions. This worked for me, but to be sure there is no underlying issue (chrondiomyelitis patella? etc) get advice from a healthcare professional.

    You only get issued one set of knees. Good luck.
  8. I only did the leg weights once, I did squats, hamstring and quads..

    Cheers for the advice
  9. I get this aswell best thing to do just leave some ice on it for a while
  10. I honestly despair at some of the comments people leave on this board. "Just leave some ice on it for a while" 8O I mean FFS.

    The fact that it doesn't hurt during any other physical exercise or extreme movement such as jumping and the fact that it doesn't occur until after around 3 miles of running, Id suggest the problem is more than just runners knee.

    It could be a number of things to be honest. For example, there is a possibility your running gait could be having an effect - I say this because if your gait causes you to over-pronate more on one side, then more pressure would be put on the alternative leg which will in turn take a pounding. This would explain why its only one knee affected and why it doesn't hurt until after a few miles of running. This is just one possibility but you get the idea.

    The first thing to do is apply RICE (Rest Ice Compression Elevation) The second thing to do is look at your running footwear and your insoles. The third things to do is warm up, cool down and stretch a little before exercise and a lot after exercise. Also have your running gait analysis carried out by a professional running shop and listen to there advice.

    If this doesn't help, then go don't the route of sports injury clinics, podiatrists etc.

    Good luck.
  11. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Gait analysis on the Web:

    also, buy,steal or borrow a copy of the current 'Runner's World'.....chockfull of advice for all sorts of running types including a dit about Ilotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS).

    Shoes are the most important thing to get right.....and JJB won't help - go to a real running store.

    Unless your GP is a runner, the advice you get will be a variation on

    This is fine and dandy, assuming that you have no deadlines that you are training towards - such as a race or a fitness test.

    Try talking to your Unit PTIs...if they don't know they may know someone who does.

    Good luck.
  12. I'm sure that's the I in RICE you dohnut
    therefore you contradicted yourself
  13. Jaymayyn
    check your pms, (from another thread) Sorry all.

  14. Contradicted myself? Doughnut? :?

    Why don't you read the link you posted. It says:

    Anything where the leg is bending and straightening can be painful, particularly when weight bearing.

    Commonly activities that exacerbate pain include going up and down stairs, running down hill, leg extensions at the gym, or the flick of the legs when doing breaststroke, also sitting for a prolonged time with the knees bent, for example in a cinema or on an aeroplane.

    Now the original poster has already said its ONLY sore when running (even then its not all the time) and generally only comes on after 3 miles, so from the description above it doesn't sound like runners knee does it.

    My point was, your comment of "I get this aswell - just leave some ice on it for a while" is hardly establishing the cause of the problem and then treating it - its just masking it by reducing the pain and swelling.

    Now stop spitting your dummy out, taking little tantrums and have a think about it.

  15. Well i just said on what helped when i got runners knee

    I'm sorry Dr. Spenny I could not diagnose the root of the problem please forgive me .

    And im pretty sure my link says running downhill maybe he was running uphill for 3 miles then come onto some terrain that made him run downhill.

    So give it rest a give your head a wobble and sling your hook off this thread