Runners Knee?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Dan1vikings08, Apr 13, 2009.

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  1. I run a route of around 4/5 miles 4 nights per week, im not sure of exactly how far as I measured the route using Google Earth, and this doesnt allow for corners, you can only measure short straight line distances and then add them all up.

    My route starts on the road then shortly diverts onto a public footpath which is soft grass, and then on for 2miles until i turn around and come back.

    Everytime i go out on the return leg i get a nagging pain in my right knee, only nagging as i say but it can become quite intense causing me to walk it off. I read somewhere from the symptoms i have that this is "Runners Knee" How can i prevent this? Normal walking and day to day tasks are fine, this only occurs when i run, and mainly on the road part . The pain is gone shortly after my run. As you can imagine this is making my training a pain in the arrse.

    What is this, and how can i stop it?

    Ta Dan
  2. You could try a knee brace; that might help, but only as a short-term solution: your knees have got to last you the rest of your life, so get off the road and onto grass to reduce the impact and buy some decent purpose-built running shoes.

    Re Google Maps, click My Maps, Distance Measurement Tool and it draws a red line straight between points you click and measures the distance in everything from miles, km or furlongs to parsecs.
  3. Ta this has been most helpful, esp the google maps!!

    Runners knee or not, im not that sure. Surely then it would more likely occur in both knees? I think i will do some decent stretches as i usually jog the short road (my warm up) and then build up to a more steady pace. Will invest in some proper running trainers also.

    Ta very helpul.
  4. Get it checked out by a decent professional. I had something similar and went to see a chiropractor. Turned out the problem was a mis-aligned pelvis which put more pressure on one leg than the other. Might not be your problem but if you don't get it checked then you'll never know.
  5. It might be your trainers.
    Pop into a running shop and gt them to do a running test on you. Only cost £10-£15. If you are running in the wrong type of trainer - arch support where you don't need or vis versa - it then it will throw your body alighment out and cause promblems. It happend to me :(
  6. Will do, i had no idea there was such a service. Was you then ok to run once you had the right trainers.

    I run in normal trainers that you wear down the pub, flat soled fashion ones if that helps. Iv only done this i have played football for years and never needed "special trainers", when playing indoors might i add.

    If this is the case then its a huge weight of my mind, im due to start basic again soon. Also previoulsy been in the army passed and passed phase1/2 without this problem. Strange I know. Again thanks.
  7. I've had loads of problems running, mostly caused by being a fat, alcoholic, chain-smoking, short-legged and lazy git.

    Recently I had my feet measured properly and found out that the pains in my hip, knees and various other pains were caused by my feet being flat as a pancake. I was quoted £250 - £300 for a pair of custom corrective insoles, managed to get a set of the shelf from a running shop for £30. 

    Now walking in a straight line and nearly running pain free.

    Plenty of sports shops out there will give you a free fitting, a decent gym will be able to check you over, but have a chat with your GP first.
  8. The change in my running was instant. I had been wearing trainers with support for my arches when i did not need to, it throw off my body alignment and caused problems.

    You don't need to spend a load on trainers, mine where £60. But once you find out what type of trainer/ trainer fit you should be wearing then you can hit the internet and track down a bargain!

    Good luck in basic.
  9. Ah ITB, I had that.

    Long story short, rest, do some rehab work and start doing deep squats to build up the tendons. Some hill runs and walk down again so as not to jar the knee (that's how I did mine). Get some decent shoes and run on grass and try not to run on something with a camber (or if you do, don't strain the same leg throughout, like running on a track, reverse directions sometimes).

    Rest is a big one. I had to give mine 2 months for it to be gone completely.
  10. You're one of lifes unlucky ones aren't you? :wink:
  11. The run I did last night was a total distance of 3270.83 smoots :lol:
  12. At least I still have my looks! :)
  13. If you like the look of a fat, alcoholic, chain-smoking, short-legged and lazy git!