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Here's an interesting thing: current scorecard, culled from open sources, of AQ old boys and current centres of attraction and interest, including a couple of blasts from the past:

Apologies to all if this has already been floated.

A horrible thought strikes that there's scope for some sort of gambling game, here. One is reminded of winning the pool on Bobby Sands in 1981 and tucking DM2000 away in a back pocket, back in the day when that was real money.[/b]
How long before that list ends in in an intelligence report prepared for TCB & Co?

Course, you could always change your name to Mustafa Hanza, get put under house arrest, then sue the government for pounds - fcuking lots

Makes you wonder why people would spend their time researching and presenting that stuff on the net. I'd sooner spend my time sh@gging.

Mind you, the lottery idea sounds great.

Fiver says OBL gets it in July 2005.
Just looked at the site and it asked for any further info on terrorists. Sent in the loc of Gerry adams.

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