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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by chosen, Nov 28, 2011.

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  1. Just wondering if this is a popular training aid. It's free, which is a good start.

    I've just got it and done my first couple of runs. 7m and 10m. Get home, check out my distance, time, speed per KM, average speed, calories burnt (not sure how accurate that can be, I assumed everyone would burn at different rates), elevation, I think there's a heart rate monitor if you want to use it and you can go back and look at the route you covered on a map.

    First impressions are that it is the best free thing I've ever had.

    I knlow there are alternatives that I haven't tried yet, but I think this does everything I need.

    Oh, and I post results instantly to Facebook so people I know will know how hard I am working and improving all the time, or how I'm slacking off. Which is a bit of extra motivation in itself.
  2. Na I have para fitness app ;)
  3. Not used it but it sounds identical to the free map my run one, which is pretty good. Wouldnt bother with the facebook shite though, nobody cares that youve just been for a run and theyll just end up blocking the spam from their news feed. Well I did anyway.
  4. Mate of mine on FB used this one and said it wasn't that accurate. I'm on android, using Imapmyrun. It's connected to the website mapmyrun and I've never had a problem with it. Can be more fun as when you log on to the net it'll tell you monthly totals, but you can look back through about the last 15 or so runs on the phone app.

    Free as well.
  5. Used run keeper. Didn't like it as if it couldn't sync it tended to forget things. Search for micoach. It's pretty good, it'll help you train and push harder too
  6. "Sync it"? The Imapmy run, once you have a profile on the net, you turn the app on, put GPS & wifi location on (more accurate), go to record workout and the map will appear with where you are. Press the green button to start and it works everything out for you. Can also update you (through headphones when listening to music) on time and distance. After you've finished, hit the red button, save it and then name it if you want. Job done. Even my mother could use that app!
  7. I use Imapmyrun sometimes too (when I'm not using the Garmin). It's quite easy to set up and use, and seems pretty accurate too.
  8. I use a Garmin thingy or map my run which are accurate. The Mrs had been using My Run Keeper on her IPhone but we were doing the same runs and it was way way out on distance. It was saying she was running 10k in 35 mins which I questioned it was out by about 2 miles
  9. The only issue with map my run is that I have a 1.5 mile route for seeing what I could still do a BFT in. Buggers the time up on that something rotten. Seems to be about 1 minute or so out, seems fine on all the other runs though!
  10. Accuracy depends on your GPS/phone signal, if it drops to yellow or red itll still record but be less accurate. Youre probably losing signal strength somewhere along the route.