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Hi all.

I have had an email from some gaming site called runescape... basically you pretend to be a goblin or something with others all over the world.

Someone appears to have set up an account under my hotmail addy, and then tried to sell it for cash... naughty (apparently).

If I ignore the email I think the account will be suspended anyway, but anyone play this game know of a contact address I can email the site on and tell them I've no idea what they jabbering on about?

Personally - I'd ignore it. It sounds to me like a phishing exploit, just trying to pick up a few details to link to your addy, so merely replying will confirm the address is active and that fact will be sold on to others who will target you.
That's what I thought, so I thought I'd contact the website via means other than the email linky.

The sending addresss looks legit though...


It's not legit, runescape is administered by a company called Jagex ( my kids play), all legit emails come from them. It's a phishing scam.


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Simple rule of thumb.

If you get an email apparently coming from a company you want to contact, don't reply direct to that email. Instead Google that company, click the Google link to the company's website and use the company contact details from there.

Cuts out pretty well all phishing attacks.


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