Rundown of RT weekends..

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by confx, Sep 27, 2006.

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  1. When I did my phase 1 it was done in a 16 day chunk..Could anybody give me a rundown of the RT weekends, and what is done on each one as I have a friend who is curious about what he will be doing on each RT weekend..
  2. One 16 day chunk? Sounds odd to me.

    Your "friend" will recieve joining instructions, all they need to know will be on there. Any further questions should be directed at their CoC.

    I could just post the entire training program for phases 1A and B... but then i'm not that nice (or stupid).

    Check out the previous threads fella!

  3. Some units can do it, i got offered my RT in two weeks that i would've taken up if i wasnt at college

    If your not that nice could you PM me it?
  4. Confx,

    The new system which should now be in place will be TAFS 1 weekend, followed by TAFS 2 and 4 subsequent weekends at local RTC for OAAS recruits, 7 for Inf at which point they will attend either a two week CMSR or CIC(TA) depending on wether they are OAAS or Inf

    Hope this clarifies it
  5. alright, cheers for the info - will pass it on!