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Run until you puke - Was I wrong to stop?

I am back into the 'run (almost) everyday' routine now, and while plugged into my cheap and nasty Tesco mp3 player, decided i could go another mile. As I slogged gently uphill feeling the cramp build up in my tired legs, i was overtaken by a cyclist. Glancing back revealed a second cyclist on my shoulder (not literally) and as Leo Sayer (the re-released Thunder In My Heart track, honestly) raced through my ears i became a cross between an olympic athlete and braveheart - there was NO WAY he was going to beat me! i took on a new leash of life ... my second wind ... i was flying and i felt amazing. The hill got steeper, and i got faster ... the top was insight and i could sense the bike had dropped back ... oh yeah, oh yeah, oh ........

and then it happened. Lunch come swimming back up my throat in preparation for a truly spectacular multi-coloured yawn. I swallowed it down, the cyclist overtook ... i hadn't considered the fact he would nail me on the flat ... and then it was back again. i passed a sign: Welcome to Chunder Central ....

I stopped, i put my arms over my head, and forced the f@cker back down my throat - a true case of mind over matter! 30 seconds later i was gently jogging my way back home.

I have never run until I have vom'd - does this count? i am wracked by the feeling i was robbed by my natural instincts and should have let the barf loose in a monument to my uphill effort.

Was i wrong to stop???? :oops:
Why were you running so soon after lunch? Was the vom alcohol based?

If you care about your image then stopping was right, nothing is more amusing than watch a runner throw up, but, if you wanted to prove what a man you are then you should have thrown up into your hands and gobbled it back up on the run.
You should`ve aimed your puke at the second cyclist, confident that while he was wiping himself down you could sedately carry on homeward bound at a steady pace :lol:
4 hours after lunch - no alcohol - purely effort-based.

TBH i wasnt thinking image or manliness as i sprayed on my lycra shorts and prepared to meet the hill .... JOKING!

food for thought though!
If you've gotta vom then vom! Don't hold it in, get rid of it. You should have yacked up over the cyclists for a giggle! :twisted:

If you need to chunder then you have to do it with class - simply letting your fluids flow in a wild uncontrolled manner is just bad manners. The correct method according to JSP2000853 is to numbers:

Keep the upper lip up,
look at adversary (ie cyclist here) with steely determination
Bend back forwards at an angle of 25 degrees (remember to keep head up though and to keep eye contact)
Commence Chundering
Return upright
Dab mouth remembering to eat any carrot pieces left on face (waste not want not)
Re-commence running
While doing a CFT at fort tregantle (Spelling correct??) Picture the view....
My Sqn are rear sqn for the run. We are on ex and have just finished a compo scoff. I'm leading from the front. Sqn in front of us have their cmdr at the back pushing his lads on. We round a bend about 1 mile in with some of the knackers already dropping out being reduced to vomiting wasters at the side of the road.. In front of us appears a hill of the same gradient as the road from the range back to the camp (those who know it know the feeling of dread that sweeped across every man) along with a cheerful sign informing us that the hill lasts for about a mile......

We get to about 2/3 of the way up and some are starting to lag. The Sqn commander to my front is giving his all to encourage his lads up the hill. I look down to check a pouch and here from in front of me the following....

"come on you fat slag get your lazy f**king arrse up the hill ya poof" I look up to see the who is the recipient of said bollocking and as I look up I see said Sqn commander who has just issued the bollocking take one large pace to the right and without losing step empty's his tasty looking compo meal onto the side of the road.

As soon as the last fleck of vomit has left his mouth we here "Cccccccccuuuuunnnnnttttttttssssss get up the fecking hill" from his still putrid mouth.

Quality bloke, not so quality cft route and what added to the PMSL factor was that not one of his lads noticed!!!
At least if you vom you can stuff your face at four o' clockers and not feel like a fat fecker. That's what keeps me going.
last time I did a cft vomited at the end .Had just got over a chest infection only got through by willpower .Was gutted to be told oh if you told us you were ill we would have just passed you any way :lol:
I had to stop vomitting when running as it usually ended up in arrest.

I couldn't help but strip off and rub it into my penis...... nothing more erotic that a champ caked in regurgitated snake and pigmy pie chips and peas.


Listening to music like that I am not surprised you threw up...
Puke...who gives a toss what anyone else thinks! Especially girlie nonce no-knob cycling barstewards...

Yes, I hate cyclists...how could you tell?

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