Calling everyone to take part in London's First Half Marathon called

RUN TO THE BEAT on October 5th 2008
for Combat Stress!!!

A 13 mile run with music stations lining the route through three Olympic venues.
An event accessible to all, from music lovers to marathon runners.
Music will be scientifically selected to boost performance throughout the course!
Run to the Beat has been so popular that the only way to get a place is through a charity, so please ring me on 01372 841616 or email me at to secure your place!!

Hope to hear from everyone very soon!

Volunteer & Community Fundraising Officer
Combat Stress
Email sent.

Ill do it.
Great! You're on! Can you email me with your address and I will send you a T-Shirt and book you a place! Thanks so much for supporting us.
Combat Stress has one more place in Run to the Beat on October 5th. Half marathon to music in London!!
Please someone out there please run it for us to support us!!
I've given up being subtle...I'm begging!
Please contact Kelita on or ring me on 01372 841624 if you can run it. Time is running out fast!
Hope to hear back from you soon.
Id have loved to have done it, but im doing the great north run on the same day :(
Anyone else running this? My (and the missus') attempt will be rather slow due to injuries sustained in a recent RTA. My pain to ease someone elses suffering :D

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