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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by L86A2, Jan 30, 2009.

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  1. currently running 1.5mile in 10.17 any advice on how to imporve?
  2. yea, check the millions of other posts.
  3. ^He has a point.

    But anyway to divert from a pointless topic.............what are peoples opinion on beach running, e.g. on sand, was opting to do a 10km tommorrow morning like that tomorrow. Largely to save my feet a little in terms of damage, but know of any other gains/losses from it?

    That was actually fairly informative after i looked, but opinions on the matter would be appreciated anyway :D.
  4. 10k on hard packed sand is probably a lot like 10k on the road.

    10k on dry loose sand?

    Well, it'd kill me.
  5. Iv been told in the past that running on sand can damage the ligaments in the ankles because of the unnatural movement it encourages. Doing plenty of quad, hamstring and calf weights will strengthen the muscles, making you faster.
  6. QUOTE

    Getting back to the post

    1. step back from computer
    2. put on your runnin shoes
    3. open door
    4. go outside
    5. go running
    5. go past pub
    6. run a total of X miles

    repeat steps 1-7 daily, with one or two days rest per week depending on how far your little body can take you, with abit of gym & interval training mixed in

    x miles = run until you feel fucked

    My tip

    step one is where everyone else (myself included) has failed by asking the question. So even if you start this routine now you will always be a few minuties behind the next man that didn't ask the question before you went on arrse and typed in the thread, if you get what i mean. :wink:

    and by the time you have switched your computer on and got on arrse and looked up any responses you could of run a mile. :wink:

    so my advice would be go running...

    editted cos i confused myself
  7. Move faster...
  8. He's not wrong.... do some speed work. Generally, intervals, fartlek, hill reps etc. anything that feels uncomfortable and you feel like avoiding.

    Essentially if you want to run faster you need to practise running faster.

    Also, lose weight.
  9. Run down hill!
  10. Mines dropped from 9.50 to 8.48 in two months, and thats mainly from hill reps. I always run at least 4 miles, once a week do a 10 miler. Find a big hill and plan a route around it.
  11. Run lots. Mostly easy. Some hard.

    There is nothing more to it.
  12. Use a car, it's much quicker.
  13. Or slum it and catch the bus. It does one good to see how the other half live.
  14. One lives in Surrey dear chap, what is this public transport that you speak of?
  15. Better to find a big hill and plan a route up it, eh?