run times for selection

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by SmithsRail, Oct 21, 2007.

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  1. anybody have any idea of the specific run times for the selection centers for the 1.5 mile run? cheers in advance lads, got my selection weekend 6th till the 7th November.
  2. Get under 10 and your in.
    Non infantry I think is minimum of 14mins. But I would try to be much faster.
  3. 9.30 for Paratroopers
    12.45 for Infantry and Pioneers
    13.15 for Royal Engineers, Household Cavalry etc.
    14.00 for all other arms and corps
    14 > Junior Entry
  4. It's 9:18 for Paras, slightly higher if you can 'deadlift'/static lift a certain amount (something over 110kg).

    I thought it was 10:30 for other infantry and 12:30 for most trades...either way, aim for <10 minutes.
  5. nope. however, if your only scraping the runtime, you need to be good at the other tests. your unlikely to pass if you only just score minimums on all tests.

    if you cant do a sub 10:30 for infantry, theres a good chance you will end up being sent into 'rehab' as i reckon you'll struggle.
  6. I just passed selection for the Rifles, my runtime was about 9:28 or something like that
  7. my uncle just had a heart attack and he can run it in under 14 minutes!
  8. Exactly. Not hard to do - but it is Junior entry. They seem to think the juniors are fat sh*t's these days.
  9. As said in countless previous posts you would be very lucky to have got through selection for any job if over 11.30 by the PSO and when I was recruiting I wouldnt of sent you down to ADSC unless you were under 11.30 (12.30 for girls).
    Maybe the odd one or two passes selection with a time over 11.30 but they will be strong in other areas and are the exception to the rule.

    Anyone who are over 11.30 will struggle in basic training then once in phase 2 will have to be running well under 10.30 and in most units be expected to be well under 10 minutes or be on remedial PT nearly every morning at 6am.
  10. In my experiance just because you can run fast doesnt mean you can keep up on the tabs.I was allways at the back of the field on the runs but allways up front on the tabs.The skinny 8min bft boys soon struggle when they have a Bergan & a hill to contend with........Just my opinion.
  11. Whe I saw the title of this thread I thought it was from somebody atempting a man test not pi$$y recruit selection!

    When will you nuggets learn that to serving soldiers and anyone with any abition, SELECTION means something completely different.

    :x :x :x :x :twisted:
  12. Don't try and do the minimum time, push yourself to the limit to achieve the best time possible. You will get noticed for your effort.
  13. 14 mins???!!!!! You can walk it in 11!!
  14. You could walk backwards in that time!
  15. As I am an old sh1te, can you tell me if you still do the 1.5 miles as a squad and then the 1.5 miles as an individual, and do you still do it in boots.
    As I remember you did it as a squad in 15 mins, which was more of a speed march than a run, then you did the same course as an individual in under 10m 30 s.

    Then you had at least two fags and headed for the Naafi!