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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by 04mayb, Apr 26, 2008.

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  1. Im just wondering if anyone knows the average speed you would need to run to make the 9:18 deadtime for the para regiment?
  2. I reckon a pace of 1.5 miles per 9 minutes 18 secs should do you right.
  3. Round about 16kmph if you're on a treadmill I think
  4. DO NOT train on a treadmill as it wont give you an accurate estimate of your time Measure out a mile and a half somewhere near your house and pound the pavement
  5. Well 10mph is 9 minutes for 1.5, so 18 seconds to play with. But on the day it might be up a gentle slope (I bet it is), and everybody will be psyched up like you wouldn't believe. Most will probably go totally nuts in the first 400m and spend the rest of the effort trying to compose themselves.

    I've always thought hanging on to somebody better, or trying to reel them in, results in much better times. There will be people on the day well under 8 minutes - I'm no runner but I've broken 8. So if you know someone quick go running with them and try to hang on, or if you know a route where "real runners" train go when it's busy and try to latch on to someone significantly better. Horrible, but productive.
  6. 9.9MPH gives you 1.5 miles in 9mins 12 secs.

    MS is right, measure out a 1.5 miles route and leg it round.
  7. Pussys run on treadmills
    Real men run in real weather
  8. I've been a pussy between November and beginning of April then. And so would you be over here.
  9. Just to second what others have said, a tredmill gives you a false result. Not sure why but IT IS a LOT harder running out on the road. For one thing a treadmill dosent teach you how to pace yourself or find that special area just outside your comfort zone where youre not burning out but your not taking it easy. The best use of a treadmill is to watch the girls from the business park do there runs just after work :drool: . But as far as REAL running goes, I'd say they're worthless.
  10. yer thanks for the help and advise, ive picked a spot in the new forest to go with my dog lol, sooo hopefully i can get my time up to scrath because at the moment my time is like 40 secs over
  11. 9 minutes would be:

    6 min miling.

    or if on a track

    1 min 30 each lap.

  12. A treadmill gives unrealistic results because the belt itself is powered. Your legs therefore are pushed back on it, all your muscles need to do is bring your legs back to the front. A treadmill is great for cardio work, but the only way to increase your running speed and endurance is to get out and run for real, ideally up and down lots of hills.
  13. This might sound daft, but dogs can really overheat at a constant fast pace - they can't sweat and they panic at the thought of being left behind, so they won't give up. At 6 minute mile pace on a hot day you can kill some dogs - leggy Weimarner probably ok, black lab, probably not.
  14. I've done marathon training in the snow at 22:00 after work, double hard me, either that or fcuking stupid