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I'm not to sure if this is in the right sub forum but here I go anyway. My mile and a half run time is currently 09:49 and I'm aiming to get this down to 08:30 in 4 weeks. I do interval training and loads of hill reps. If any pti's are reading could you give me some training tips and is getting my time down to 08:30 in 4 weeks achievable?
I am not a PTI or an expert but do have a bit of experience in training for running events.

Intervals and hill reps are great. Mixing them up will help out, but dont do them for more than 25 - 30 mins. some good examples of intervals are :

4 x 3 sets of 400m. 60 secs rest between reps. 90 secs between sets.
4 x 1600m 2 - 3 mins rest between reps.
pyramid intervals (generally a shorter session) 200m, 400m, 600m, 800m, 600m, 400m, 200m. for rest do 200m jog after 200 and 600. Standing 60 secs after 400m and 800m.

Hill reps can be mixed up too, alternate how many times you go up and down before resting. Either make the jog down your rest or do a number of hard up and down reps and take a standing rest.

All of this needs to be finished off by having the endurance to work hard over the full distance. so get out and do some longer steady runs 5 - 10 miles.

To be honest I wouldn't aim to be fast over just 1.5 miles but over a further distance of at least 5 miles and the 1.5 miles will be faster as a result.

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