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I'm not to sure if this is in the right sub forum but here I go anyway. My mile and a half run time is currently 09:49 and I'm aiming to get this down to 08:30 in 4 weeks. I do interval training and loads of hill reps. If any pti's are reading could you give me some training tips and is getting my time down to 08:30 in 4 weeks achievable?
It is achievable. You might want to look at getting some fartlek and speed training in there as well.
It depends how hard you went to get your 9:49 time. You can see some significant training effect in 4 weeks; whether it is enough to knock 80 secs off your time will be up to you. The most significant gain will inevitably be phychological; my advice would be to get used to running 1.5 miles at target pace. Start slowly, you'll be surprised at how managable the pace can be if you, well, pace yourself.

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