run time at adsc pirbright please help

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Heya mate... i done my selection in lichfield and it was pretty flat... i've heard that they track it is pretty flat... if you look at your selection dvd what is shows of the running track it looks pretty flat.... are you going in for the junior entry or adult??
adult,but i havent got a date yet due to my medicals at the moment,i have flat feet and they classed as L2 but dont know wether is that a pass or not
Tbh mate i dont think you can join with flat feet but im not sure... just wat for the medical fors to come back... then ask morew questions..
kwaki1001 said:
i'll be going to adsc pirbright,just wondering what time are they looking for (pass) and what is the route like (up hills,flat)? 1.5 mile
Well depends on what job your going for don't it? Which is?
And stop being a bellend by posting the same leakage over and over again.
I done mine at ADSC glencorse, was also pretty flat and a nice route too, and I done like a mock up with the sheffield AFCO at strensall barracks which was smooth, flat roads. Also I cant say for sure but reading about on arrse ages ago about a medical problem I think L8 is classed as fail??? may be right may be wrong dont take my word for it mate, you will only know when the results come back from your doc,

Good luck to you. :)
Is this just an excuse for you to boast about your supposed 7.45 time for 1.5 miles? Having read some of your other threads, I'm beginning to suspect that your posts are being edited by Mr Controlled Substance...

(L2 is a pass; L8 is a fail. Read the thread on PULHEEMS)
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